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Alter Bridge Concert: House of Blues, Houston, USA

(04/15/14) Alter Bridge at House of Blues in Houston, TX, USA. Check the setlist, photos and videos:


01. Addicted To Pain
02. Find the Real
03. Come to Life
04. Cry of Achilles
05. Brand New Start
06. Ghost of Days Gone By
07. Ties That Bind
08. Waters Rising
09. Isolation
10. Broken Wings
11. Farther Than the Sun
12. White Knuckles
13. Metalingus
14. Blackbird
15. Watch Over You - Acoustic
16. Open Your Eyes
17. Calm the Fire
18. Dueling Guitar Solos – Mark and Myles
19. Rise Today


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Setlist: Setlist.fm

Why Alter Bridge Should Be One of the Biggest Bands in America

 Why Alter Bridge Should Be One of the Biggest Bands in America

Alter Bridge deserves to be one of the biggest bands in North America. 

Typically by a fourth album and a decade together, an average hard rock group’s popularity will wane significantly. Just the opposite has happened in the case of Alter Bridge—and rightfully so. 2013’s Fortress has only fortified and expanded Alter Bridge Nation, leaving last night’s second tour show in Houston completely sold out. You could barely move within the venue. 

It didn’t feel like the House of Blues though. Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips made it feel as if they were back in front of the packed house at Wembley Arena. That’s one of many reasons the band warrant massive recognition and super stardom over here. 

Addicted to Pain” ignited the onslaught with Tremonti’s precision shredding and riffing and Kennedy’s distinct wail. All four members captured the exact bombast of the recorded material, while infusing an extra kick live, impressively. "Find the Real" teetered between a shuddering pinch harmonic and a pounding rhythm. In the middle of "Come to Life", the sound subsided momentarily from the stage as the entire crowd sang on cue, “Don’t forget we’re here to stay”. The line held seriously weight as Alter Bridge have been through it all from multiple label changes and the proverbial "starting over" after Creed, and they’re still trudging along stronger than ever.

Kennedy smiled, "This is a real treat for us. We’ve all sold this out together, apparently. That’s good to see in the U.S. of A, rock ‘n’ roll alive and well".

That’s the point most people are missing though. The band gets it as do the countless rock fans out there. There’s a need for Alter Bridge.

In a day and age where fashion, social media, and culture subsume the actual music, it’s invigorating to watch an outfit like Alter Bridge thrive stateside. Coachella’s about being noticed for something other than music, as are most festivals in North America. It’s a party culture, and it doesn’t matter if you can rip like these guys. However, it should matter. It did in the seventies, eighties, and nineties. 

Moreover, the rock market has become strictly "heritage", whether it’s Jane's Addiction and Alice in Chains touring together or any other classic pairing, Alter Bridge only has ten years under its belt as a brand. Their contemporaries often boast many more.

This quartet could lead a new guard. Keep in mind these guys sold out Wembley in the UK and will be a main stage act at Download. They’re gods over in the UK and they are here too, but more Americans need to recognize that fact too.

Speaking of divine, "Cry of Achilles" bobbed from a tribal drum beat by Phillips as Kennedy finger-picked the charging clean intro before Tremonti engaged full-on six-string destruction. "Brand New Start" sounded stadium-ready with Kennedy’s voice soaring all the way back to his native Washington from Texas. "Ties That Bind" remained just hypnotically heavy, while Tremonti took the mic for the apocalyptic "Waters Rising", another Fortress standout.

"Isolation" shook the venue with a flawless delivery and unanimous sing-a-long, and Kennedy conducted the audience during a bruising "White Knuckles" that left everybody gut-punched and begging for more. "Metalingus" saw Kennedy belt out a seismic refrain as Tremonti’s laser-like fretwork practically melted his guitar neck.

An emotional highpoint came during their very own "Stairway to Heaven", "Blackbird". The slow simmering build eventually took flight into an earth-shattering refrain wrapped in more guitar fireworks. Everybody sang each word, practically humming the chord changes as well. Kennedy took to the stage with just an acoustic guitar for the poignant ballad "Watch Over You", while "Open Your Eyes" had everybody watching.

The members took a short reprieve before returning with the dark falsetto of Fortress’s "Calm the Fire", which burned right into more elegantly tight soloing from Tremonti. Speaking of soloing, Kennedy and Tremonti both practically tore a hole in the sky from all of the fast shredding leading into "Rise Today", giving a fitting conclusion to a robust instrumental showing the entire night.

Given all of this, Alter Bridge deserve to be owning arenas across the United States. Their trajectory hints at it too. Fortress remains a genuine artistic milestone and a crucial rock record. It’s time for a revolution over here. It’s time for Alter Bridge to rule...

Rick Florino

Do you agree? Do Alter Bridge deserve to be one of the biggest bands in America?

See our "Top 10 Alter Bridge Songs" feature here!

Credits: artistdirect.com


A Shot of Yager Interview with Myles Kennedy 

Myles Kennedy has one of the most powerful voices in rock music today. So much so that when it came time for Slash to put together a band to go out on the road with his solo material, Myles was his first call. So much so that when Axl Rose decided to no-show Guns N Roses induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Myles was the first call the band made to fill in for the legendary vocalist on some of the most beloved songs in rock history on the biggest rock stage of them all. And, guess what, Myles did more justice to those songs than Axl could ever do at this current stage of his career. Myles Kennedy is first and foremost the front-man for the hard rock group ALTER BRIDGE, who initially were known by most as “Creed with a different singer” but over the years have made a name for themselves with heart-pounding guitar riffs and the diverse and melodic range in Kennedy’s brilliant voice. Songs like Metalingus (which you might recognize as the entrance theme for popular WWE Superstar Edge) and Find the Real got them off to a hot start as a band years ago but recently their newest album Fortress has reminded everyone that Alter Bridge is not a band to take lightly with songs like Cry of Achilles, the opening track, kicking the ass of anyone who frequents the record. Myles joins me for a chat about their latest record, what it's like filling the shoes of some of the most polarizing figures in rock, splitting time between Alter Bridge and Slash and MUCH MUCH MORE! 

* A Shot of Yager is a PODCAST (online radio show)

Click here to listen to the interview

Credits: shotofyager.com

Myles Kennedy Discusses Next Slash Album, Seattle Music & ‘Fortress’

Concertfy Interview: Alter Bridge Frontman Myles Kennedy Discusses Next Slash Album, Seattle Music & ‘Fortress’

As the frontman in both Alter Bridge and Slash’s band, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, it’s safe to say Myles Kennedy is one of the busiest (and most talented) musicians in Rock N’ Roll. On a rare off day at home, Myles was generous enough to take the time to speak with me about all that is going on his exhilarating world.

You are about to kick into high gear with Alter Bridge down in Orlando. Congratulations on the success of the new record Fortress.
MK - Thank you, we are really thrilled with the way things have turned out. We weren’t sure at first. We really pushed things on this record. We got a little music geeky at times with some of the arrangements. When you take chances you’re never really sure how people are going to respond but it seems overall to be pretty positive and the fans are liking it. It’s been a good year for us.

When the title was announced, I remember getting this feel from the public reaction and fan perspective that was like, Yes!, Fortress is such an appropriate title for an Alter Bridge record. It just seemed to make sense. There was this exciting momentum behind it just based off the record title alone. I had never really seen that before.
MK -  That’s true. It was really great. It’s funny when you are picking titles. You look at all the song names and search for something that fits. Once you finally pick what the appropriate title and theme is then you hope the fans dig it as well. Fortress did sound like an Alter Bridge thing, so that’s nice to hear.

At times it must be challenging to grow as a Rock band and writing new records. You want to evolve and try new things but you also don’t want to be a complete departure from what the band really is.
MK - Right. You don’t want to alienate anybody. I remember back in the 80’s one of the cola companies changed their formula and people threw a fit. It was like “no way!” we don’t want this new stuff we want what we are used to. It’s definitely something you have to be aware of.

How are you able to so seamlessly switch gears being the front man of two big rock bands? Is there a process you go through and say, OK, its Alter Bridge time now or I’m the front man in Slash’s band now?
MK - It is a little challenging at first. The first few shows I have to turn the dial to the other side because they are very different. I think the hardest part is going from one band where I play guitar and sing to another where I don’t play guitar as much. I started off as a guitar player so that’s kind of a security blanket but I feel like I’ve gotten better at it over time. Usually by the end of a Slash tour I’m very comfortable not playing guitar. But then I go back to Alter Bridge and playing guitar on every song so there’s a certain acclimation there as well.

How about when you are writing?  As a songwriter how are you able to determine which song is better suited for Alter Bridge vs. a song that is more in the vein of a Slash record?
MK -  It’s easy to dictate that in the process itself because there’s a significant difference in the way we write. Slash will generally send me a chord progression and riff with everything ready to go. Then what I do is put a melody and a lyric to it. Occasionally I’ll ask to change a chord progression to better fit a melody I’m feeling. Whereas with Alter Bridge it’s more bringing in full parts. So I’ll have a musical part with a melody or Mark will bring in a musical part with a melody and we’ll put those together to create a full song. It’s like a puzzle piece. With Slash, he more provides a canvas for me to paint on. It’s a different process all together.

Looking at your career in general what I find so interesting is that all the musical endeavors you have been involved in are all so different from each other. Even the just music genres they fit into. If you look back at your early work with Citizen Swing or the Mayfield Four, to more recent music like Alter Bridge which is more metal, it’s fascinating how all-encompassing your work is. Most artists don’t stray too far out of their comfort zone.
MK -  I really appreciate hearing that. For me since I’m such a massive music fan, I’ve never really been contained to just one style. My listening choice has always been so mixed up. It’s interesting, you’re right; Citizen Swing is so drastically different from anything else I’ve ever done. I was the song writer and it was a big learning experience. It was really an artist trying to find what he’s all about. The same with the Mayfield Four, I didn’t really know who I was yet. It has taken a long time for me to define who I am as an artist. Getting to do all these different genres and styles has really kept me inspired and kept  a fire burning creatively.  Even when I look at my solo record, it too is so different from anything I’ve ever done. I need to just keep pushing myself self to see where I can take things.

You mention your solo record, you’ve completed it, and it’s just a matter of finding the right time to put it out correct?
MK -  Yes, that’s the goal. I’m so lucky to be able to tour as much as I am and to keep making records with these great artists, it’s hard to slow things down now and find the time to put the solo record out. The record is pretty much done besides tracking a few more vocals. I just need to find a time where I can focus on it, put it out and tour on it to some degree. Probably just me with an acoustic guitar. It’s more an emotional record that portrays a guy that has something he needs to get off his chest.

I think that’s the beauty of solo record. Chris Cornell’s Euphoria Morning solo record really introduced me to that years ago. You just touched upon what I mean. It’s like, something is going on here, he’s got something to say and a real sincere and emotional way to say it.
MK -  Exactly. I really respect artists that do that. I love Clint Lowery from Sevendust solo project for that reason. I feel like that’s what he’s doing. I think it’s really healthy.

Growing up in Spokane how did it affect you being so close to the 90’s movement in Seattle? Was it something you have carried with you?
MK -  It was a really interesting time. I don’t think I was cognizant of how important it would be until after it had passed. When I had first started playing bars as a kid I would here about these bands from Seattle that would come over and open for national acts. I had never seen Alice in Chains. It was really wild to see this and to feel this thing that was starting to happen. I chose to stay in Spokane. I don’t think I was privy to just how big it was. One thing I did learn from that whole scene was that I respected so much that they did their own thing and didn’t pay attention to what was going on anywhere else. It made me feel like I really could do my own thing and not grab anyone’s coattails. That’s what Citizen Swing was all about. It was a complete departure. We had a trumpet. We were going to play funky soulful rock music. What I took from it more than anything was trying to find my voice as an artist. It took a look long time but the Seattle scene was certainly an inspiration for that.

Are you still a Spokane resident?
MK -  I am! I love Spokane. I’m here now. It’s a great place to live, a great place to power down.

Touring the way you do, are you able to bring your family out on the road with you?
MK -  My wife comes with me quite a bit. I wish I could bring my dog out too. But yeah, family is paramount to me so I do what I can to make sure that stays very strong. When you’re touring all the time and gone as much as I am, you have to make sure that base is covered.

So you’ve got your Alter Bridge tour starting in a few days which will take your through June, you’ve just finished the vocals on the third Slash record and it was just announced that you, Slash and company will be touring with Aerosmith starting in July.  That’s a lot of exciting stuff going on.
MK - Yeah, it’s a really good time. I’m very excited. The Slash record is done and we’re so happy with it. So it’s just a lot more touring but it’s all good. I’m the luckiest man in Rock n’ Roll. That’s the way I look at it. I love what I do and consider myself very fortunate.

And the new Slash record is slated for the fall?
MK - That’s the plan. I got the first mix last night and it sounds great. Our producer, Elvis Baskette did such an amazing job.

What can fans expect at the Alter Bridge shows coming up? A lot of songs off Fortress or more of a mixed bag?
MK - A mixed bag. That’s the beauty of having a lot of records; we now have a lot of songs to select from. We’ll try and pick from each era. Everyone has their favorites so you do your best to make sure everyone leaves happy. That’s the goal.

Rapid fire with Myles Kennedy:

Favorite professional sports team? –  Seattle Seahawks

Coffee or Tea? – Tea. We’ll can I say both? I’ve already had both all day long

Favorite city you have played live in? – Vienna

Favorite Alter Bridge songs? – Blackbird

Favorite Slash song? – Starlight

Favorite concert you’ve seen?  – Jeff Buckley – 1995

Credits: concertfy.com


Alter Bridge Concert: House of Blues, Dallas, USA

(04/14/14) Alter Bridge at House of Blues in Dallas, TX, USA. Check the setlist, photos and videos:


01. Addicted To Pain
02. White Knuckles
03. Come to Life
04. Before Tomorrow Comes
05. Cry of Achilles
06. Brand New Start
07. Calm the Fire
08. Ghost of Days Gone By
09. Ties That Bind
10. Waters Rising
11. Broken Wings
12. Farther Than the Sun
13. Metalingus
14. Blackbird
15. Watch Over You - Acoustic
16. Rise Today
17. Isolation
18. Open Your Eyes


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Photos: ©Ilya Chernega
Setlist: Setlist.fm

[audio] Tasha 8.0 An interview with Myles Kennedy

Tasha 8.0 An interview with Alter Bridge/Slash Vocalist Myles Kennedy

He began in a band called the Mayfield Four. He then became “Thor”, the only guy with pipes killer enough to replace Mark Wahlberg’s character onstage at the end of the movie Rock Star.

Next, he became the vocalist for Alter Bridge…a band created by three members of Creed. Now, he is also the vocalist for guitar god “Slash”. I can only be talking about Myles Kennedy.

Click on the pic to hear the interview via jackontheweb.cbslocal.com


Alter Bridge Concert: Orlando, FL, USA

(04/12/14) Alter Bridge at Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, FL, USA. Check the setlist, photos and videos:


01. Addicted to Pain
02. White Knuckles
03. Come to Life
04. Cry of Achilles
05. Ghost of Days Gone By
06. Ties That Bind
07. Waters Rising
08. Metalingus 
09. Blackbird
10. Isolation 
11. Rise Today


(Thank you so much to William Burkle, click here to see more pics)


Photos: ©William Burkle and WJRR
Setlist: Setlist.fm


Slash: "New album will be released in September"

Slash tells LiveNation that he'll be opening for Aerosmith this summer and the first show is going to be in NY on June 10th. Plus, he says that the upcoming new album will be released in September, but he doesn't have the specific date yet. He'll let everyone know as soon as he does.

Alter Bridge talk high school bands and career highlights

Moshcam caught up with Myles Kennedy & Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge, at Soundwave Festival 2014, and talked about their high school bands and career highlights.

Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy talks new single and tour

Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy talks new single and tour

Acclaimed hard rock band Alter Bridge released their latest album "Fortress," which features their newest single "Cry for Achilles." Alter Bridge lead singer and guitarist Myles Kennedy took some time from his busy schedule to chat about the single, their upcoming tour dates and future endeavors with the group.

They will be playing a show at New York City's Best Buy Theater on April 24. "It's the first time we have been on tour in the states for a few years, so we look forward to re-connecting with our fans back here. With our shows, it is never really about the big visuals, productions or spectacles, it is always about the music and the connection. It should be an evening of good songs and hopefully we will get to hear them sing along. That is what it's all about for us," he said.

At the end of May, the band will resume their European tour. "We head back to Europe for the festivals, and that is always cool. It is hard to believe that we started doing those a decade ago and now a decade later we are still at it. The Donington Park show is a really big deal for us since we are playing right before Aerosmith so that should be a really great slot," he said. "We are doing all of the other festivals as well through Europe, so we are keeping the tradition."

He noted that the idea for their latest single "Cry for Achilles" had been floating around for a little while. "I stumbled upon that acoustic intro and riff at the beginning of the song while I was out with Slash. I was in my dressing room and I recorded it real quick. When Mark and I started working together on putting our songs together, I played it for him and he immediately liked it a lot. Then we went in with the rest of the band and the song took on a whole new vibe and we really had fun with that one. It is different and it has an epic journey, but we knew our fans would like that, so we decided to release that as a single and we went for it," he said.

For Myles, his favorite tune on the record is always a revolving song that changes each month, but at the moment, he shared that he is extremely proud of their current single "Cry for Achilles," as well as the dark mood of "Lover" and the title track "Fortress," since it takes their fans on a journey.
Their latest album was met with commercial success, peaking at No. 1 on the Billboard Rock Album charts, as well as No. 12 on the Billboard 200 all-genre charts. "That was a big surprise, since you never know how relevant you are. That was really good for hard rock to know that fans still come out and love aggressive guitar-based music. That was a big indication that people are still listening. We were pleased to say the least," he said.

After his European tour with Alter Bridge, Kennedy will return in the United States in July to tour with iconic guitarist Slash and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Aerosmith. "There will be a lot of touring and I am just continuing to live the dream and I am trying to get some sleep as well," he said with a laugh.
On the key to longevity in the music industry, Kennedy underscored the importance of working really hard. "I noticed with the musicians that have longevity, it is all about their work ethic. They live to make music and they do it day in and day out. If you get into this business for the right reasons and if you work hard enough, you will be surprised as to what you can attain," he said.