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Fan of the Month - January

Check out our interview with the "Fan of the Month" - January: ‎Caroline Hrmn

MKW - Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Caroline - I'm Caroline, admin of Myles Kennedy France since 3 years. Soon-to-be nurse, who loves music & gigs more than anything !

MKW -  How did you Become a fan?
Caroline I've been a fan of Slash since 2005, when I got to know him thanks to a friend of mine. When I heard he was coming to Paris in 2010, I just HAD to go. It was my first time seeing Myles, and it was amazing ... Kind of a love at first sight. So I've looked for infos about Myles, and got to know his past projects and Alter Bridge  I've now seen Alter Bridge 6 times, and SMK&C 6 times too ... And definitely more to come 

MKW -  Tell us about your most memorable Myles Kennedy moment.
Caroline So many, it's hard to choose ... He's been such a sweetheart to me... On Nov. 12th, we talked about new songs Slash & the guys would add for the next shows, and then I told him that Shadow Life was my favorite song of World on Fire. He told me it was too early for them to play it. The next night, I was right in front of him for the show. He told the crowd they were going to play a new song, for the first time ever. He looked at me, pointed a finger at me and said "This is for you, this is called Shadow Life". I almost fainted ... Among everything, that must be one of the best "gifts" he's ever done to me. 

MKW -  Give us your favorite "Myles Kennedy" lyric or quote (one liner)
Caroline "Only the Strong Survive"

MKW -  Send a message to the other fans.
Caroline Just wanted to thank the AB Family, for being the best fandom in the entire world. So happy to be a part of this awesome adventure!! Keep rocking and supporting Myles!

Myles Kennedy France: Twitter | Facebook | Site 

You want to be a fan of the month? Send us an e-mail to: contact@myleskennedyworld.com


Slash feat Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators LIVE From Sunset Strip - Full Concert

Slash feat Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators LIVE From Sunset Strip 2014 - The Roxy Guitar Center - Full Concert


World on Fire 2015 Tour Dates

Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Tour Dates (2015)


Feb 09 -  Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan

Feb 10 - Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan

Feb 12 - O-east, Tokyo, Japan

Feb 14 -  Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Feb 17 - Claudelands Arena Hamilton, Hamilton, New Zealand

Feb 18 - TSB Bank Arena, Wellington Central, New Zealand

Feb 21 - Soundwave Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Feb 22 - Soundwave Festival, Adelaide SA, Australia

Feb 28 - Soundwave Festival, Brisbane, Australia

Mar 01 - Soundwave Festival, Sydney, Australia

Mar 04 - Teatro Caupolican, Santiago, Chile

Mar 07 - Mandarin Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mar 09 - Parque de La Exposicion, Lima, Peru

Mar 11 - Agora de La Casa de la Cultura, Quito, Ecuador

Mar 14 - Fundicão Progresso, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mar 15 - Galopeira, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Mar 17 - Net Live, Brasilia, Brazil

Mar 19 - Master Hall, Curitiba, Brazil

Mar 20 - Pepsi on Stage, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Mar 22 - Espaço das Americas, São Paulo, Brazil

Apr 25 - Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando, FL

Apr 26 - Welcome to Rockville, Jacksonville, FL

May 03 - Rock City Campgrounds, Concord, NC

May 09 - Darling's Waterfront Pavilion, Bangor, ME

May 15 - Columbus Crew Stadium, Columbus, OH

Jun 12 - Pinkpop Landgraaf, Netherlands

Jun 14 - Download Festival, Park, United Kingdom

Jun 19 - Hellfest, Clisson, France

Jun 20 - Graspop, Dessel, Belgium


4th Annual Loudwire Music

4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards  

Best Vocalist of 2014 – 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards  - "Myles Kennedy"

Best Rock Album of 2014 - 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards - "World on Fire"

Best Bassist of 2014 - 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards - Todd Kerns

 Best Guitarist of 2014 - 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards - Slash

Best Rock Song of 2014 - 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards - "World on Fire"

*Voting in the 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards closes Feb. 3 at 9AM ET.

Credits: loudwire.com


Slash feat Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators MTV World Stage - Full Show

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators  MTV World Stage 2014, Live in Glasglow.


Myles Kennedy exclusive performance with Gov't Mule in NYC

(12/31/2014) Check out the setlist, photos and videos from Myles Kennedy exclusive performance with Gov't Mule  in NYC on New Years Eve!



01.No Reward
02.Scared to Live
03.Banks of the Deep End
05.Painted Silver Light
07.Fool's Moon
08.Politician (Cream cover) (Fool's Moon)
09.Time to Confess
10.Railroad Boy
11.Lay Your Burden Down
12.Kind of Bird
13.Bring on the Music

Set 2:
14.Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
15.Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
16.Sin City (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
17.Shoot to Thrill (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
18.Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
19.Girls Got Rhythm (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
20.Ride On (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy) (Warren Haynes on lead vocals)
21.Night Prowler (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
22.T.N.T (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
23.Back in Black (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
24.Hells Bells (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
25.You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
26.Problem Child (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
27.Beating Around the Bush (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
28.For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
29.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)
20.Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)

31.It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)  (AC/DC cover) (with Myles Kennedy)

Note: (New Year's Eve theme "Back At The Beacon") (Myles Kennedy on lead vocals entire Set 2 except Ride On)




With Fans: 

 Click here to see more (Thanks to our dear friend Toshie Sasaki)


Photos: Toshie Sasaki
Setlist:  Setlist.fm


Slash feat Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators MTV World Stage

The Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators MTV World Stage will premiere internationally on MTV channels on Friday evening, January 2nd 2015!


Interview: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge

Interview: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge crafted one of the decade's best hard rock records with Fortress. A year on from its release, and it still slays the senses like any great album should. Fortress has everything from towering vocals to total guitar immersion, and it begs to be listened to from front to back over and over again. It set the stage for Alter Bridge's biggest year yet and also hints at some even bigger and better things for the future.

Given the album's power, ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino spoke to Alter Bridge singer and guitarist Myles Kennedy about Fortress and so much more.

How did everything expand lyrically? Fortress is your most cinematic record.

With each record, you try to grow and learn and take that to the next one. I've been a good position lately because I'm constantly making records and touring. It helps flex those muscles and keeps the atrophy from setting in. At the same time, you're always afraid, "Will I run out of new ideas?" Every time I go into a new record, I'm a little nervous there. Fortunately, with Fortress, there was still plenty to draw from. A lot of it came from looking at what was going on in the world around me with people I knew. There was plenty of inspiration.

What's the story behind "Cry of Achilles"?

That's kind of where it came from. It's something I stumbled across while I was touring with Slash last year. I was in the dressing room, and I recorded it. I didn't think much of it. It was fun to play, but I didn't know where it would fit. I remember playing it for Mark, and he really liked it. He said, "We've got to transfer that into a song somehow!" What was fun about that song is it all came from that and the riff once the band kicks in. We just built it from there. I remember sitting in a room together and really trying to push the envelope from an arrangement perspective and not be afraid to veer away from the verse-chorus-bridge approach and tell a sonic story. That's definitely a pivotal moment on the record. It lets listeners know we weren't afraid to take chances musically.

What's it about lyrically?

In a way, it's a carryover from AB III. It's coming at it from a disillusioned angle, but the chorus is that optimistic feeling of, "Don't forget there's still beauty left in this world". Given how dark the rest of the content is lyrically on the record, it's good to have moments of that optimism. Another song on the record that has that is "All Ends Well" where it's not as dark and angry. It just helps balance out the record.

Where did "Fortress" come from?

Actually, I remember Mark sent me that intro as a phone memo, and I really gravitated towards that part. I thought it was really cool. Like "Cry of Achilles", we weren't afraid to experiment with the arrangement and take it into different vibes on the bridge and not simply maintain the same feel throughout. Lyrically, that song looks at life from the standpoint of when you're younger you have all of these things around you, these institutions, and structures that seem like they're invincible and will be there forever. That can apply to anything from government to religion to marriage. They're put in place to make you feel safe. What you realize as time goes on is so much of that is fragile and will eventually crumble. That song deals with the emotions you feel when you come to that realization. It's heavy in that sense. 

You have to listen to the album from start-to-finish to go on that journey.

I appreciate that. Hopefully, people will take the time to do that. Lately, I've been doing that a lot myself with different records because I started getting into vinyl again. When you sit and listen to an album that way, it really changes the entire experience. If you can allow yourself and commit to taking an hour out of your life to listen to records and absorb the story like that, it can be a pretty fun journey.

If you were to compare the album to a movie or a combination of movies, what would you compare it to?

Wow, that's such a hard question, but a good one at that! Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure [Laughs]. It's a great question, and the only time anyone has ever asked me that is you! It's very creative.

Who is Bill and who is Ted?

I think Keanu's character would be Mark [Laughs].

What have you been listening to?

So many different things! There's actually a fellow who originally came from a place not far from Spokane. His name is Allen Stone, and a friend turned me on to him. He's just a brilliant soul singer. He's unbelievably talented, and I'm really proud he's originally from the Pacific Northwest. I'm listening to a lot of Steely Dan lately. I've been listening to a lot of Asia. Every time I get off the road, the first thing I do is turn on my turntables and listen to Asia. I've been obsessed with Steely Dan. The last Karnivool record has some cool things. It's cool. Clint Lowery's Hello Demons Meet Skeletons is great. He's a mega-talented songwriter.

Where are you at on the solo record?

It's funny. I was in New York last week, and I went to see the guy who engineered and co-produced the record with me. We listened to the hard drive to see where we were. After listening to it, there were some great moments, but I definitely want to change some things here or there and maybe add a song or two. It's definitely a work in progress. There's still room for improvement. When it's up to par, we'll get it out there. People always ask about it! There's no way it's going to live up to the expectations because it's been so many years. It's not a last minute thing.

It's like a mythical creature...

Living in Upstate New York somewhere [Laughs].

It feels like Alter Bridge is finally getting their due in the United States on this album.

We definitely have diehard fans in the U.S. We just don't have as many as we do in the UK. It would be great to get as many as possible here because this is home. We'll see what happens. It's a matter of getting out there and playing. As they say, if you build it, they will come—hopefully.

—Rick Florino

Credits: artistdirect.com

World on Fire #3 "20 BEST ROCK ALBUMS OF 2014"

20 BEST ROCK ALBUMS OF 2014 -  Loudwire

As 2014 winds down, we can reflect on an eclectic year in rock albums. You had new bands like Nothing More, Crobot, Starset and Islander bringing something fresh and new to the game. There were established acts like Chevelle, Slash and Seether showing they could still deliver some of their best work well into their careers. Acts like Hellyeah and Sixx: A.M. took some creative risks and a host of others also created albums that left their mark on 2014.

There was quite a bit of debating among the Loudwire staff, but we’ve put together what we feel are the 20 Best Rock Albums of 2014.


SLASH FT. MYLES KENNEDY & CO. CONCERT: Laugardalshöll, Reykjavik, Iceland

(12/06/14) Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators at Laugardalshöll in Reykjavik, Iceland. Check the setlist, photos and videos:


01.You're a Lie
03.Standing in the Sun
05.Back from Cali
06.Wicked Stone
07.Double Talkin' Jive
08.You Could Be Mine
10.Doctor Alibi (Todd Kerns on lead vocals)
11.Out Ta Get Me  (Todd Kerns on lead vocals)
12.Shadow Life
13.Beneath the Savage Sun
14.Mr. Brownstone
15.Rocket Queen
16.Bent to Fly
17.World on Fire
19.Sweet Child O' Mine
20.Slither  (With Feels Like Makin' Love snippet)

21.Immigrant Song
22.Paradise City

Review: Via mbl.is


 Click here to see more (Thanks to our dear friend Toshie Sasaki)


Photos: Toshie Sasaki // musicinfocus.net //
Setlist: Setlist.Fm