Concert: Master Hall in Curitiba, Brazil

 (07/11/12) Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, Concert in  'Master Hall' in Curitiba, Brazil. Check the setlist and photos:


01. Halo
02. Nightrain
03. Ghost
04. Standing In The Sun
05. Back From Cali
06. Mr Brownstone
07. Rocket Queen
08. Beggars and Hangers On
09. Caroline
10. Far and Away
11. We're All Gonna Die (with Todd Kerns on vocals)
12. Out Ta Get Me (with Todd Kerns on vocals)
13. No More Heroes
14. Starlight
15. Godfather / Anastasia
16. You're A Lie
17. Sweet Child O 'Mine
18. Slither

19. By The Sword
20. Paradise City

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