Happy Birthday Myles Kennedy


We always liked things that are made from heart to heart. The mind, in some cases, only serves to parry the excesses and put everything on its proper place. But anyone else expresses itself properly if not pulling from the bottom what wish to express

And about that the brilliant Myles Richard Kennedy is just perfect. Independent of those who knew in early of his career, or with Alter Bridge, or until later in Slash´s solo project, the fundamental thing is when you stop and listen to him, stays immediately impacted for his voice, for then gradually learn the example of professional and human being he is. Myles is not a kind of person to know in one show. The learning about him is diary and is always a newness.

And when you know him, it´s just impossible turn your back and touch your life, without complain of why this "meeting" doesn’t happened before.
Each lyric that comes out of your mind is stuffed of one passion so contagious that goes deep in the soul. He sing and delights. His expression on stage says everything; the music just complements the perfect picture.
I think we had the great happiness to hear him in the moment we most needed of inspiration.  We were promptly answered.

Yeah, we met him too late, maybe too much, and we don't have any shame to admit this, but we think who all his fans always will be eternally grateful to Slash, one of the greatest kings of guitar, for having made the junction of such talented people, some without due recognition, and has given to us the opportunity to appreciate one of the most beautiful voices we had the pleasure of listening. Everything conspired, making an intentional analogy with "The Conspirators" for this project to happen in the right moment. We are in one moment tense and uncertain in the musical scene, for those who love really materials of good content. We needed a change. Yes, WE ALL needed to, because discussing this topic with some persons, we realized who this urge was not only our. And then, we have today finally a new breaking of paradigms, where one musician, who needs no introduction, like Slash, reshapes itself, reinvents itself and innovates. This is simply magnificent and rarely observed

And with that, we have something new and impressive, something that deserves our recognition for quality, humility seen in every one of its members, the impact they each felt. Because regardless of the reason, everyone is impacted in some way with these brilliant musicians.

And with Myles we learned that yes, it’s possible sing with heart without sounding corny, it is possible to show truly thankful to the fans, you can stop to meet people when you're genuinely exhausted, you can still express themselves honestly, in a world as vain and as selfless emotions. You can be Myles  “Miraculous Fucking” Kennedy , like Slash perfectly described it, and being loved and admired by all those attributes.

Some may be wondering the fact that not one detail very pointed commented on Myles. His beauty. We would be  hypocrites if at least claimed that only admire for their talent. In fact, he's beautiful. But, oddly enough, is one of the rare cases where beauty became secondary.

There are several people who are beautiful, but when you get to know them, you realize that's just it. A piece being contemplated. A book with a beautiful cover and no content.
Myles is the category where talent and brilliance are so many that outshine the beauty.
Our surpose in opening this site about Myles on the date of your birthday is more than a thank you tribute, because in his humility, that would leave just dull.

We thank him for bringing light to our lives, enchanted by him and express so perfectly with large and beautiful blue eyes and his profound compositions that make us transparent in seconds.
Happy Birthday Myles Kennedy! Thank you for everything, you gave us and gives its light and remain in our hearts.

With Love,
Myles Kennedy World Team.

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