Concert in Romania, promo and interview

Slash! Romania is the first Country in Eastern Europe where I wanna go.

Slash gave an interview, before Christmas, for Jurnalul.ro, about the concert in Romania , on February 5th. Slash talks about Myles and how he joined his first solo album. He admires his voice and his talent saying "Myles' voice is very sweet and simply different."
When he was asked why the name "The Conspirators", Slash said that few people ask him why he chose this name as a part of the band. "... It´s the second time(...) only europeans have asked me this. It´s just a really cool name cause we have this kind of a relationship..."
Slash says that they know they have lots of fans in Romania and that "Romania is the first Country in Eastern Europe where I wanna go." Romania has beautiful and passionate fans and they really deserve an amazing show. Great article.

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On February 5th, in Sala Palatului, Romania, Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators will give a concert for a country that Slash himself has posted on his official Twitter account that is a place where he really wanna play. Slash gave an interview to producer Alin Dinca for Radio Rock FM.
We focus on the important points of the interview.
"We change the setlist in every concert. Romania's setlist will be different from the others. We have an "organic" band that takes its energy to the fans. The concert in Romania will be unique."
"When Scott (Weiland) left Velvet Revolver, I felt I had to do something on my own and then I created the solo album. And this evolved into what is now Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. Myles participated in the develpoment of the first solo album. I wanted to work with him, so I went on tour, I wrote a lot of songs, so now we have a permanent partnership."
"Apocalyptic Love is a simple album. It was recorded live, as opposed to how others do it, but this is normal to me."
To listen to the whole interview here.

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