Concert in Turkey

Slash ft Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators will be giving a concert at KüçükÇiftlik Park, in Istanbul, Turkey.

They were one of the first to make a promo video for the upcoming concert once the tour was announced.The love and anticipation of the turkish fans to see Slash, Myles and The Conspirators is so obvious . That's why everyone is going to be there on Saturday,February 02.
Turkish fans have been waiting for this concert since Slash began his new project and when he started working on Apocalyptic Love with Myles Kennedy, frontman of Alter Bridge "an emblematic figure in the world of rock ",Slash, who is considered one of the greatest guitarists in the world, continues to give amazing rock concerts around the world. The collaboration between Slash and Myles has been considered one the best things ever happened in the world music.
So, enjoy the concert, Turkey. You deserve it.
Source: Biletix

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