"Fan of the Month" - January

Check out our interview with the "Fan of the Month" - January 2013: Faye

MK World - Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself: 
Faye - I am Faye and I live in Greece. I work in tourism so I love traveling around the world always combined with a great show to attend. Music is my refuge. 

MK World - How Did You Become A Fan? 
Faye - My friend Sophie showed me a vid of Myles performing with Slash in Rock am Ring and I immediately started digging his background as an artist! This is how I discovered Alter Bridge. I found myself in their lyrics esp in AB III .When I started reading and watching his interviews I realized he is not a common rockstar but a truly inspirational person. This is how I decided to create @MylesKQuotes and spread the words of a person who can help people. 

MK World - Tell us about your most memorable Myles Kennedy moment. 
Faye - What I will never forget is seeing Myles for the very first time in Rome, Oct 2012. Though he had just recovered from bronchitis he was shining on stage. I believe he gave one of his best performances that night! When he performed ‘Far and away’ with his guitar I cried. It was a beautiful moment. 

MK World - Give us your favorite "Myles Kennedy" lyric or quote (one liner). 
Faye - “I only bleed when I’m all alone…” is one of my fave lyrics. 
And these words of Myles totally represent me "Take what inspires you and make it your own.” 

MK World - Send a message to the other fans. 
Faye - Please everyone JOIN me in the HANDS UP For Luca here …. .When Myles did his HANDS UP For Luca I believe he wanted to create a wave of support towards LUCA . Make Myles proud for his fans by raising awareness with me in @MylesKQuotes

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