Flashback Friday: Fozzy - Nameless Faceless

On today's Flashback Friday edition, we're looking back at the amazing song: "Nameless Faceless" from the band Fozzy featuring Myles Kennedy.

"All That Remains is the third album from heavy metal group Fozzy, released January 18, 2005. Unlike the two previous albums, All That Remains features all original songs as the band had dropped their spoof in favor of becoming a more recognized band rather than a gimmick, with the members using their actual names instead of stage names. It features Alter Bridge members Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti."

"The band recorded the album at Treesound Studios in Atlanta, and they used the same soundboard that was used on the album Synchronicity by the Police and Rush's Moving Pictures. Elton John was also in the complex at the time recording his Peachtree Road album and Alter Bridge were recording their album One Day Remains. Jericho went downstairs to Alter Bridge's studio and asked Mark Tremonti to do a guest solo on the track "The Way I Am", and Myles Kennedy laid down backing vocals in "Nameless Faceless"."

Note: Thanks to @DumplingC for the tip.

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