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Alter Bridge's fourth album is currently in motion, according to co-founder Mark Tremonti.

The guitarist tells us that the quartet -- which features Creed bandmates Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall and singer Myles Kennedy -- got together in January for the first songwriting session, with plans to reconvene after Tremonti's upcoming U.S. tour to support his solo album "All I Was:"

"We've got about five songs outlined, and all of them are kind of real high-energy, just real fun rock/metal...We want to not be predictable. We want to make it a little surprising, and we're having fun with it. Our plan is to get in the studio sometime in late April with Alter Bridge and record through the summer. And then me and Myles will be doing kind of sporadic little shows here and there...then come back and finish the record."

In addition to Alter Bridge, Kennedy also works as Slash's lead singer. The new album will follow-up 2010's "ABIII." Tremonti's solo band -- which includes Wolfgang Van Halen on bass -- is currently finishing a European run and starts a short U.S. swing on February 21 in Pontiac, Mich.

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CREED, ALTER BRIDGE, TREMONTIMark Tremonti is always a busy musician, while touring with his solo project he’s still working on new material for another Alter Bridge album. entertaim.net talked to the brilliant guitarist with a unique sound about the difference between his three bands, his special guitar sound, food and the future.

Interview: Dennis Rowehl / Photo: Ashley Maile

entertaim.net: Hi Mark, how are you doing? Last year you’ve released your first debut solo album. How was the feedback so far?

Mark Tremonti: I’m doing fine, Dennis. Thanks. The feedback on the album was absolutely amazing and we’re really excited. So, we already decided to do a second Tremonti album.

entertaim.net: You’re still promoting the solo album. Is it hard on stage as the lead singer and also lead guitarist?

M.T.: (laughing) Yeah, it’s new and different. I still figure it out to handle both and also the communication with the audience. I’m still learning but it’s getting better every show.

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