Slash moving into movie production

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Speaking to Paddy McKenna on tomorrow's edition of 2fm show Weekenders, Slash said: "I got a text saying 'I'm coming to Dublin I'll see you there' and I thought 'he's got to be kidding'.

"I was at dinner last night in Marco Pierre's place and I got another text saying 'I'm Here!'

"Charlie came all the way out here for this one gig! But he came in on his private jet, he wouldn't come in on commercial! He and I are neighbours and good friends."

The former Guns n' Roses' guitarist also talked about his movie debut. He's just finished the soundtrack for Nothing Left to Fear, the first film to be produced by his company, Slasher Films.

He told McKenna: "I left when they were at the dubbing stage, putting in the audio so we're almost set to go. It's very exciting.

"It's a bitchin' movie. I know it's really hard to imagine Slash doing a movie. I worked side by side with a composer doing the sound design. 

"Me and Myles [Kennedy lead singer of Slash's band The Conspirators] wrote the title song. The production company is called Slasher Films but this movie is the antithesis of that genre. It's not about horror. 

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