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In an exclusive interview guitar god Slash assesses Guns n’ Roses’ legacy, talks about BFF Charlie Sheen and his love for Irish axe ledge Rory Gallagher...

All topics are up for discussion as HP meets the rock god in his Olympia, Dublin dressing-room in advance of two sold-out shows. By way of breaking the ice we arrive with two gifts, a copy of Philomena Lynott’s memoir My Boy and Marcus Connaghton’s recent tome on Rory Gallagher.

‘Hey, thanks!” he enthuses. “Philomena is coming to both shows actually! As for Rory... I tweeted about his birthday last week.

“I always thought of Rory as really underrated,” he adds, flicking though the autobiography. “I played with him in LA, I think it was ’89 or ‘90. That was huge for me. He was such a sweetheart, I didn’t even know he knew who I was. He called me up on stage and then we went out and just drank all night and played guitar. It was amazing. It was so sad and unexpected when all of a sudden he was gone. I had no idea anything was wrong.”

Returning to matters at hand, by the time we sit down to chat, many social networking sites are aflame with the news that Slash has brought a certain chum to town with him. One Charlie Sheen.

“Yeah, he flew over yesterday,” says Slash. “He

loves ‘Rocket Queen’. So he flew all the way out with some friends of his to watch us do our show and play that song!”

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