Interview with Mark Tremonti

Via: vintageguitar.com

As a kid, what first caught your ear, musically?
Gutar-wise, it was when I heard songs like “Smoke On The Water,” “Love Stinks,” and “More Than A Feeling.” The parts where it was just guitar made me want to pick one up and play.

How old were you when you finally grabbed a guitar?
I was 11, and it was an imitation Les Paul called a Tara. I didn’t take formal lessons or anything with it, so I didn’t play it all that well.

Which guitars came along next?
I got a double-cut Tokai, and from the point when I started really learning to play, I wanted a Gibson Les Paul. So, in the mid ’80s, my dad got me a Les Paul Studio Lite, which was my first real, good guitar. I had it until Creed started touring, when it was stolen – one of my big heartbreaks was losing one of my childhood guitars.

And of course your tone now starts with your signature model PRS guitars, right?
Yeah, I don’t stray too much from them. I mean, I’ll play some Fenders at home… Martins and Taylors. But for the most part, I play the PRS.

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