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Guitar great Slash has a bit of a respite from his work with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, but he’s never one to rest for too long. During his “downtime,” Slash has been working on demos for his next album, putting the final touches on the upcoming horror film ‘Nothing Left to Fear’ and giving props to a little girl who mastered ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ on YouTube. Slash appears on Loudwire Radio’s Top 20 Countdown this weekend, and we’ve got a preview of his interview with host Mike “Sandman” Sanders below:

The first thing I want to ask you is something we covered at Loudwire.com, it was a tweet that you responded to a video of this little girl, a 7-year-old girl, Zoe Thomson in the UK, who is on her way to becoming a guitar wiz and it looks like you were impressed with her video of playing the riff of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine.’

Someone sent me the link and I was just like, wow, 7-years-old … And the thing is she really just captures the tone and the sound and the sort of nuances of somebody playing somebody else’s guitar solo. It’s something that people spend years learning how to do. I’ve got some songs I’m doing at a gig this weekend, which are cover songs and I’m learning all these tracks. Sometimes I learn a solo note-for-note if it’s really something melodically, like, you totally recognize. And when you do that you really have to sort of capture the feel and it’s something that requires a certain amount of experience. And I was just blown away that this girl was 7-years-old, and it wasn’t just because it was my song or my solo, you know, it could have been anybody’s; but just the technique and all that kind of stuff was really down pat. I was really surprised.

It’s just inspiring that somebody at that age wants to be that serious about playing. I can’t imagine how good she’s going to be in 10 or 15 years.

Oh, absolutely. It’s really inspiring. There was a drummer that someone turned me onto that was like, I don’t know, 8-years-old or something, playing all these Rush and AC/DC songs, I mean, like, really doing it as good as anybody could do it. And it just blows me away how young kids are really picking this stuff up and are sort of going to be carrying the torch for rock and roll in the next decade.

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