Slash: "There's no such thing as time off."

The iconic axeman Slash have been talking witha 93X about the plans for a new album. As the guitarrist notes, while is current tour is almost over, he has no plans to take time to recover before start working on new album.

"There's no such thing as time off. [Myles Kennedy] is gonna go on the road with Alter Bridge and I’m putting the material together for the new record. I've already written tons and tons of stuff. I've got to put it together as proper demos ... I've been recording everything on my voice memos. Anyway, I've got to put it together and get it out to Myles and we'll start jamming with Brent [Fitz] and Todd [Kerns]."

Slash also explained how he came to meet the members of his backing band, the Conspirators.
"I've got a killer group. Myles is killer ... It's the first time I've ever put together a group where I didn't know anybody in the band. I met Myles when I was making my first solo record. I wanted to continue working with him and then I went looking for the back-up band. I was pointed in the direction of Brent. I jammed with him and he was great and then he introduced me to Todd ... It turned out to be one of the best pick-up bands of all time."

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Slash says that even as a solo artist, he still is most comfortable with the band dynamic

Former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash says he didn’t really know anything about Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy when he first asked Kennedy to sing on his self-titled 2010 solo debut album. Slash used a bevy of lead singers, such as Ozzy Osbourne, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, Kid Rock, Iggy Pop and even Maroon 5’s Adam Levine on the disc, and called in Kennedy to sing on the final two songs — which he says almost were left off the disc.

I only called him because I’d heard a lot about him,” Slash says in a phone call. Slash says he especially was piqued by reports Kennedy had recently worked with former Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham on a never-released project.

Slash not only ended up keeping Kennedy’s songs on the disc, he also enlisted him as vocalist for the touring band he put together for the disc. Then he made Kennedy the sole singer on his sophomore solo album, last year’s Apocalyptic Love, much of which Kennedy helped write while the two were on the road.

Kennedy again is accompanying Slash and the band — now called Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators — on a tour. The pair also is writing again — for a third solo album Slash says likely will come out early next year. “I was really curious to see what he sang like,” Slash says of that first audition.

And since I was doing this record with all these different singers, I asked him to come in. And he was just phenomenal, and ... I really liked him as a person. You know, his whole personality and his attitude and everything really jelled with mine.”

The longer we knew each other, the more I really just liked working with him. I thought we had a really great chemistry and we started writing on the road.” Slash says Kennedy wasn’t the only one with whom he connected.

I put together what I thought was, you know, a quick pickup band” to support the first record, Slash says. “But it turned out to be, like, the perfect bunch of guys. And I just thought that, after we’d been on the road for a while, we should just go in the studio and make a record with these guys.

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New Slash Album in “Early 2014”: New Les Paul Out Now

Slash and the Conspirators are currently touring the U.S and the Les Paul-playing legend has told the Salt Lake Tribune that a new album is on its way.

We’re working up the next [album] as we speak,” says Slash. “Myles has a new album coming out and then a tour, so it’ll be after that. But I’m working on material, I’ll send it to him, and he’ll come in and record. It’ll be out early next year.”

Slash also talked about play South Africa with Kings Of Chaos [alongside Duff McKagan, Joe Elliott, Glenn Hughes, Matt Sorum and many others], saying, “That was an experience — all the one-offs I was doing. And to travel to a country as exotic as South Africa was amazing.”

Also in the news is the new Slash Signature Rosso Corsa Les Paul. “Rosso Corsa” means “Racing Red” and comes with a Grade-AAA maple top and Slash-refined features, including Slash Signature Seymour Duncan humbuckers, orange drop tone capacitors, StrapLoks and more. Here’s the Slash Signature Rosso Corsa Les Paul . (Read More)
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