"Addicted To Pain" Video shoot

The official video for "Addicted To Pain" is being shot by award-winning director Dan Catullo and will be released worldwide in September. Check out some photos from the 'Addicted To Pain' Video shoot. 

"What a wonderful day. So happy with the video and how it came out. I think people are going to be surprised with the final product and he new album overall (in a good way). Very different from past AB. Thanks to the Band, Paul Geary, Steve Wood, Stephen Olitsky, Clark LAngon, Avi Cohen, Brian Kotowski, Leslie Atkins Donny Goertz and Chris Weller for believing in me and helping me make a killer video. This is seriously one of my favorites."

Via: @TCDDC3
"That's a wrap! Addicted To Pain is in the can! @alterbridge killed it!"

Thanks to Daniel Catullo, Steve Wood e Richard Booth for the pics.

Via Twitter: @TCDDC3 Late night

Via Twitter: @TCDDC3 Another long night working on @alterbridge Addicted To Pain


Daniel Catullo: Just watched the first edit of "Addicted To Pain". Brian Kotowski and Leslie Atkins are slaying this video. We may actually finish my Director's Cut tonight at this rate! (Via Facebook)

Daniel Catullo: Addicted To Pain forst cut done! Brian Kotowski really blew us away tonight. Now time for some sleep so we can finish tomorrow! (Via Facebook)

Daniel E Catullo III @DC3Director: Cut #2 of @alterbridge "Addicted To Pain" is finally done. Uploading to band now. #ATP (Via twitter)

Daniel Catullo: Alter Bridge edit done! Great job Brian Kotowski. Finally leaving the office. Time for a big drink and then bed! (Via Facebook)

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