Alter Bridge on August edition of Kerrang

Alter Bridge on August edition of Kerrang.

New quotes from Myles featured in Kerrang about the new album!

"There's a song on there called The Waters Rise, where Mark sings the verse and chorus. It was a song that I felt had that Mark sound - the way he would play the melody and do his guitar thing - it really suited his vocal. It was the David Coverdale approach!"

"There's a song called All Ends Well, which was written from my mom's perspective. When I was a kid, I was pretty insecure. My mom always believed in me and tried to remind me that what I thought about myself and what the rest of the world thought were two completely different things. The lesson is: listen to your mom! And eat your vegetables."

"There's an intro to a song called Calm The Fire that I'm really excited about. It's kind of a tip of the hat to Queen, basically." - Calm yourself, Timo.

"Mark has a solo on Day to Dry, which is the best solo he's ever done. It's my favourite, anyway." - The 13th song? (Edit - or Bleed it Dry?)

"Brian's bass lines are just so killer on this record, man. You can't make me pick out one song, though - that's like asking me what my favourite child is! Addicted to Pain turned out great...I'm so excited by this whole record."

He apparently uses "epic musical journeys" (heh) to describe some of the album, and says - "There's really nothing worse than when you sit down and feel like the well is dry and there's no inspiration... This record had a full well to take from, I swear."

According to the writer, a lot of the lyrics have to do with betrayal, with songs "dealing with the fall of institutions - as on the title track". Myles - "I'd become fascinated with the idea that, as humans, we have these totems or things that seem invincible."... "A lot of the time, that's a false sense of security. So much of what we think is everlasting or permanent is not. It's gonna fall, given enough time. Whether that be governments, religions or relationships, or whatever."
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