"Fan of the Month" - August

Check out our interview with the "Fan of the Month" - August 2013: Mayara De Souza Gomes

MK World - Tell us a little bit about yourself: 
Mayara - I'm 26 years old. I'm studying to be a psychologist, I like to write, and (good) music is very important to me!! 

MK World - How did you Become a fan? 
Mayara - I became a fan last year, (it was close to Myles' birthday, which is a good coincidence...) thanks to Michael Tremonti! I've been a Creed relapsed fan since 2001, and I know how Mark, Brian and Scott Phillips are amazing musicians, but I didn’t follow any of them on FB or twitter. But since I was going to see Creed live in São Paulo, I started following Mark and also his brother Michael. And a few days later he tweeted one AB song (I swear I didn't know anything about AB till that moment.) And for my surprise, that was "Broken Wings" and I just loved it!! Myles voice was a big, incredible surprise, and since then, I am a proud hardcore AB fan and I only wonder why took me SO LONG to know everything about Alter Bridge... but I believe that it was meant to be (maktub?), they came to my life exactly when I needed... I've been through a lot on these last years, and to find those incredible lyrics about strength is helping me so much! It's a new experience, a new feeling everyday... 

MK World - Tell us about your most memorable Myles Kennedy moment.
Mayara - I love his performances, the way he connects with the songs, close his eyes and just feel what he's singing/playing... But I'm sure that MY most memorable MK moment will be on my first AB show! To have the pleasure of watching them live must be an amazing experience!!

MK World - Give us your favorite "Myles Kennedy" lyric or quote (one liner). 
Mayara - "Dreams are not theirs to take!" This quote inspired me on a very difficult moment this year when I had to take back the control of my life and I was dealing with a lot of bad emotions running through my head, and I promised myself that I'd never let anyone destroy my dreams again! 

MK World - Send a message to the other fans.
Mayara - Using his words, 'cause I'm not that creative, "So, don't let time leave you empty handed, reach out tonight and make amends!" Don't waste your time waiting for better day, make your better days with the tools you have in your hands and keep fighting, dreaming, loving... I guess this is the best way to honor everything that AB is giving to each one of us!

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