Myles Kennedy and Mark tremonti in London

Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti continue to travel throughout Europe to promote the release of the new album "Fortress". Yesterday there was a "play back party" where everyone could hear the full album for the first time. The guys met with Dream Theater in this short tour and had some cool moments.

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(Photos via Roadrunner Records)

Myles and Mark also passed by Rock Team Radio, which recorded an acoustic track, and answered questions from fans on facebook.

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Aron Heywood: Looking forward to seeing you guys in Manchester in October, will myles be doing a duet with Brent smith from shinedown during the tour?
Team Rock Radio: We hope to get a few guests onstage at some point, would be great! /Mark

Sheryl Barber: Does Mark have any further plans for more solo stuff? Missed him at Manchester Ritz 
Team Rock Radio: I'll definitely be putting together some more solo stuff. /Mark

Laura Westwood: Hi guys. It's great that you keep coming back to the UK to visit us. What do you like most about the UK?
Team Rock Radio: We love the passionate music fans!!!! Some of the best in the world. /Myles

Kirk Denton: My 7 month old son is named Myles. I'd like to know what Myles thinks I should call the next one?
Team Rock Radio: Very cool!! How bout 'lil Mark  /Myles

Jane Lumb: Which bands inspired you the most now and in the past?
Team Rock Radio: Anything from Led Zeppelin to Mastodon /Myles

Sarah James: Am bringing my 11 year old daughter to see you in manchester, it's going to be her first Gig so very memorable! What was the first gig you ever went too?
Team Rock Radio: My first gig was Iron Maiden! / Mark T

Jason Williams: what one song from any decade could you listen too over and over ?
Team Rock Radio: Bruce Hornsby, The Way It Is. / Mark

Ellie Griffin: Are you looking forward to touring with Shinedown and Halestorm? Shinedown are my favourite band and when I heard that you were touring together I just knew I had to go!
Team Rock Radio: We are really excited to get on tour with both bands, can't wait! / Mark

Iva Bokova: you´ve been on the "promo tour" with James LaBrie and John Petrucci... can you imagine any cooperation with the Dream Theatre guys? and thank´s for the "Addicted To Pain" single - the best b-day present for me 
Team Rock Radio: We have had a BLAST hanging with those guys on this promo run. James and John are the coolest. /Myles

Via: Team Rock Radio

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