Fan of the Month - September

Check out our interview with the "Fan of the Month" - September 2013: Lisa Folschette

MK World - Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Lisa - My name is Lisa I’m from Luxembourg and I’m 15 . I love singing,acting and playing guitar Music is my life !

MK World - How did you Become a fan?
Lisa - I’m a big Slash fan …and I was on the concert last year (Slash ,MYLES KENNEDY and the Conspirators) And he’s voice OMG I was so speechless …And after the concert I made some researches, and he became one of my idols…

MK World - Tell us about your most memorable Myles Kennedy moment.
Lisa - That moment where he came on the stage and I saw his smile and he started singing!

MK World - Give us your favorite "Myles Kennedy" lyric or quote (one liner).
Lisa - OMG they are all so good… Left in the silence that tears at your heart They only remind you how broken you are You've lost your way But hope is not gone (life must go on) Or Let the wind carry you home Blackbird, fly away May you never be broken again (blackbird)

MK World - Send a message to the other fans.
Lisa - Hi Myles Kennedy fans Myles Kennedy is a very special person , the lyrics of the song are so powerful and heart touching Sometimes when I feel alone or I’m just sad …I listen to AB and there is this connection between my heart and the melody…He knows how to make people happy and stronger, He gives us hope …That’s why I love this man! HE ROCK! And please guys support The Myles Kennedy World fb page …keep rocking!

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