Myles Compares Slash And Mark

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Alter Bridge Singer Compares Slash And Mark Tremonti

According to The Pulse Of Radio, singer Myles Kennedy performs alongside not one, but two of the most respected guitar players on the current rock scene. In ALTER BRIDGE, Kennedy plays alongside Mark Tremonti, and when not working with ALTER BRIDGE, he is the singer for legendary guitarist Slash's solo act. The Pulse Of Radio asked Kennedy if the two guitarists are similar in any way. "You want to know a funny similarity? No one's ever asked me this," he said. "Neither one of them like fish. [laughs] It's fascinating. They both — Mark Tremonti and Slash — cannot stand fish. But as far as people and as guitar players, they both are extremely hard workers, and there's a reason that they have both gotten to the position and have acquired the amount of respect from their peers, because they have great work ethics, and they're both riffmasters."

Kennedy sang one track on Slash's 2010 solo debut and became the vocalist for his touring band. He then joined Slash for recording purposes as well, doing all the vocals on Slash's second solo outing, 2012's "Apocalyptic Love".

ALTER BRIDGE will release its fourth studio album, titled "Fortress", on October 8. The first single from the new album is called "Addicted To Pain".

The arrival of the album will be accompanied by a single U.S. live date, on October 4 in Orlando, Florida, before the band jets off to Europe for a month of shows starting on October 16.
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