Slash Talks About Nothing Left To Fear

Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Slash

So apparently Slash doesn’t just play a guitar.

Considered to be one of the most famous guitar players in the world, the former Guns ‘N Roses member has started his own horror movie production company, perfectly titled Slasher Films.

Appearing at Fan Expo Canada in support of his first movie, Nothing Left To Fear, it was clear that the musician wanted to focus on the future and not the past.

Nothing Left To Fear was inspired by the legend of Stull, Kansas. Wendy (Annie Heche), her husband (James Tupper) and their kids have moved to the small town where Dan has been ordained as the new pastor. Things, however, are not as cozy as they seem. The couple’s teenage daughter (Rebeka Brandes) is tortured by gruesome visions that she can’t escape. Her younger sister (Jennifer Stone) has been marked for a depraved ritual. There’s also the fact that deep within the heartland darkness, one of The Seven Gates Of Hell demands the blood of the innocent to unleash the creatures of the damned.

The movie is absolutely terrifying and I have no problems admitting that I had to basically forward it through one-time to know what was coming up next before it happened because I couldn’t take its terrifying nature at first glance.

In addition to the aforementioned stellar cast, the movie also features original music by Slash who co-wrote the score and performed the title track “Nothing Left To Fear” with Myles Kennedy. (Read More)

Slash on His New Horror Film,Nothing Left to Fear

Fear is the most primitive emotion in existence that seems to control our actions and define the way we relate to the world, each other, and ourselves. Horror films have been playing on our psychological conceptions of fear, since the earliest days of modern cinema. They engage with our minds to create dark landscapes of human sentiment, evoking death and dismay. And this is precisely why Slash, a roaring rock' roll icon, has found himself falling down the existential rabbit hole of cinematic horror with his brave new media adventure -- a motion picture titled Nothing Left to Fear, that the veteran guitarist both scored and produced (alongside Rob Eric and Michael Williams).

Nestled in the back of his dimly lit home recording studio in Los Angeles, Slash took a break from his constant touring to discuss his creative influences in horror, the overarching presence of fear in society and the process of making a film. Though his rock star handle is Slash (born Saul Hudson) and his production company is called Slasher Films, his debut cinematic effort is ironically not a slasher film. Far from it. Written by Jonathan Mills and directed by Anthony Leonardi III, Nothing Left to Fear is a study in character, storytelling and suspense. "It's a simple story where less is more," he explains. "It's not an action movie. We're exploring the environment of the macabre -- of what's in the dark. What we can't see. That's what's intriguing about it. Chainsaws are just brutal. I wanted to expose the weird twisted nature of the characters and society. I wanted to do something that goes back to what I think is really scary." (Read More)

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