AB: “We Don’t Care About Fitting Formats”

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Alter Bridge: “We Don’t Care About Fitting Formats”

We chat to Alter Bridge in our immense current issue, out now, about amazing new album Fortress and the band’s unbelievable rise to being one of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands in the world today.

“We don’t care about fitting formats any more,” stresses guitar virtuoso, Mark Tremonti of the writing process for Fortress. “We just wanted to experiment artistically.” “It’s certainly more of an up-tempo and intense record,” agrees Myles. One of the things we wanted was for it to be fun to play live. That certainly came through with a lot of these songs, where we just gunned it. Fortunately, playing with Mark, he’s a master riff writer, so we had no shortage of riffs to draw from.”

The band also wax lyrical on the digital era of music, with Myles musing; “It sucks. It breaks my heart. The first thing I do when I get home is take out a record – a vinyl – and put it on the turntable. I lose myself in that experience and that ritual. I love it. So the fact that people in general don’t do that anymore is hard for me to comprehend. I feel like people are missing out. But is that just me losing touch with reality, that times have changed and that’s just the way it is? I would love for there to be a huge movement back to vinyl.”

“There’s a huge bunch of people still who love the idea of ‘the album’,” adds Mark. “We’ve got a lot of classic elements in our songs, and the way we approach things, and I think we’ll always do the album. Unless we’re forced not to…”

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