Alter Bridge The Box Set "X"

Alter Bridge X - 10th Anniversary Box Set

Via: Daniel Catullo

For those who keep asking. The Box Set will be released in early January to coincide with the band's 10th Anniversary. It is called "X". A special pre-order will be made in the next week or so (details coming soon). The people who pre-order will have it personalized (their names engraved in silver on the front of the book). And yes, it will include Fortress and new stuff. It has everything the band has done over the past decade and then some. 26 discs (DVD's, CD's & Vinyl), beautiful hard cover book autographed poster, etc. Only 3000 will be made- period. It will be $249. More details coming soon.

More Info: http://www.alterbridgeboxset.com

Update: You can see HERE, some video samples of some of the footage included in the Box Set.

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  1. 249$...It's a bit too expensive for my means, pity, I would have loved to have this set!