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Alter Bridge interview - Brian Marshall

"Every time we come back in Europe we have this special embrace. And every time we return, the show becomes better and better"

Just before Alter Bridge release their fourth studio album, the impressive "Fotress", we had the chance for a quick chat with bassist Brian Marshall. Of course, this would have been a completely different interview if we had the chance to listen to album before it took place, but yet we managed to find out some interesting things about the creation of "Fortress" and confirm that Brian is a super cool guy, who (along with drummer Scott Philips) contributes a lot more than meets the eye, so as to keep Alter Bridge on the top of their game.

Hi Brian, how are you?
I’m good thank you, how are you?

I’m fine too. Is this the first time you talk to a Greek media?
It is...

Very nice. Congratulations for what you’ve achieved until now with Alter Bridge. Rock music needs to find new heroes and leaders and you’re definitely among them...
Wow, thank you very much. That means a lot.

So, how do you feel as the release date of "Fortress" is approaching?
We’re all just so excited. This is the general feeling around here. It’s great to have the album out there, not only for our fans, but for us as a band as well, because we haven’t played together in front of an audience for over a year. Everybody has been kind of sidetracked. Myles went out with Slash, some stuff with Creed, and we had our solo projects that we worked on. But, we all managed to find the time and schedule our busy lives to get down and concentrate on the writing of the record. We got together three different times, each time about a week, we got together for one week, three times. We just sat down and we wrote this album and I’m very happy with how it turned out. We are all very excited to go out there and play our new songs for our European fans, it’s overdue and it’s an understatement to say we’re excited about it. We have a very good feeling...

Well, I’m pretty sure about it, but unfortunately, I haven’t listened to the album yet. So, give us an overview of it. How would you describe it in comparison to your previous works?
I believe -in my opinion and I think that a lot of the people that have heard it agree with me- it’s much more simple. It seems that this album is really good and contains a few new changes, but it just happened the way that it happened in the writing section. I think some of the material was initially for Mark’s solo project and when he was writing for his solo project he was focused more on his metal side. He had some things that were left over from it and he presented them to us. He said 'take a hook here, take a hook there' and we kind of built on them, built on one little part when we were writing. I think that the tempos and the speed of the music came from this mindset.

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