Interview with Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge: 'Fortress'

Interview with Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge: 'Fortress'

Myles Kennedy is the lead vocalist, rhythm and lead guitar player of the hard rock group Alter Bridge. The veteran singer-songwriter opened up about the band's fourth studio album "Fortress."

In addition to Kennedy, the band is comprised of Mark Tremonti on lead guitar and backing vocals, Brian Marshall on bass, as well as drummer Scott Phillips.

Their latest CD was released worldwide via Roadrunner Records, with the exception of the United States, where it was self-released on October 8, through EMI. Michael "Elvis" Baskette served as the album's producer for the third consecutive time. Alter Bridge wrote all 12 tracks on the CD. "It was fantastic to work with Elvis again. He is such a huge part of this entire process and we are very grateful to have him because he is one of the best rock producers in the world, in my opinion. After making so many records with him, we have really learned to trust his instincts and that's really the most important thing to have between a band and a producer," he said.

"We really tried to what we always do in making a very solid body of work from an album perspective," Kennedy said. "We don't just look it as an album full of songs that could be on the radio. We want to take the listener on a journey so we try to maintain a certain dynamic with every song."
Kennedy shared that strong riffs and melodies are of utmost importance to Alter Bridge for their approach on the songs that make the album.

On the origin of the album's name, Kennedy noted that "fortress" is a very strong-sounding word. "When you hear the word fortress, it evokes a vast structure and there are so many things that you look around that you think are going to be there forever that are invincible and that can keep you safe, like a fortress will. That can be governments, religions, marriages or relationships. That song is about what happens when those things decay around you and the emotions that are associated with that disillusion," he said.

"Addicted to Pain" is the album's lead-off single and it's video was directed by award-winning director Dan Catullo. "That song came about early in the songwriting process because once we had that, we felt like we had a song that we could have as our promotional song or single. It would let people know that we were putting a full album out, so that allowed us to try different things musically with the other material and really take some chances. Lyrically, the song is about someone who is addicted to drama of a toxic and unhealthy scenario and the frustration involved with watching somebody in that situation," he said.

Regarding the song's music video, he shared, "We have done a lot with Dan over the last six years. He had some great ideas and wanted to keep it really dark with disturbing imagery and not be extremely literal with the lyric, which is certainly what I am all for. I feel like he did a good job in capturing the performance and he gave a really uncomfortable vibe with the pictures and images," he said.

Thus far, the album has garnered rave reviews from music critics and it debuted at No. 1 on the U.K. Rock Charts, as well as No. 6 on the U.K. Album Charts, thus marking their highest-charting album in the U.K. to date. "After all this time to be able to do so well and know that people still care is a really good feeling. You feel relieved that people are still into getting it and you know that your fanbase is there and they have your back. It is great to know that we are relevant to some degree. You don't take that for granted since we know that in this day and age, people's attention spans are pretty short, so the fact that they care for Alter Bridge is a huge inspiration as to why we continue to make music," Kennedy stated.

Out of all of the songs on Fortress, Kennedy is really excited for "Calm The Fire." "We took some chances there and tried a few things that he hadn't done in the past, so when you do that, you do not know how it will be received, but I feel like we landed on our feet with that one. Personally, I am a big Queen and Radiohead fan and the song has a lot of lyrical meaning as well and it is a special moment on the record," he said.

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