Interview with Myles Kennedy via Infectious Magazine

Interview with Myles Kennedy

Infectious Magazine’s Maria Vela sat down to chat with Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy. 

IM: What was the inspiration behind all the darker, heavier material in Fortress?
MK: I think that you just take a look at the world around you and it’s really easy to get inspired by subject matter that isn’t necessarily light. The world certainly is a difficult place to live in sometimes. So I just look at people in my life or situations and try and discuss it in a lyric and put my spin on it.

IM: Between your work with Slash and Mark’s solo project, how did you find time to work on the new Alter Bridge album?
MK: I think when you’re on the road you have a lot of down time and I tend to try to fill that down time with writing. Like we had a day off in a hotel room and I have my guitar with me and I’m recording and capturing ideas and setting it aside for when I’m going to get together with my writing partners and make sure that there’s just plenty and plenty of stuff to draw from. That’s really the goal. You don’t want to be making a record and show up with no ideas, that’s just the worst feeling in the world.

IM: Speaking of solo project, are there any plans to release a solo album of your own?
MK: One of these days I hope to get it out. It’s just difficult because there’s so much going on right now. But when there’s a window of time I can sit and put it out.

IM: Was there any specific process used to choose which songs would end up in Fortress?
MK: A lot of times you just bring in everything that you have and play them for your writing partners and you see what sticks. Generally about 20% of what you throw out there will actually get used. So you just have to be prepared to have a lot thrown out or used in something else. We’re pretty picky in Alter Bridge. We want to make sure that the best ideas see the light of day and not use a bunch of fillers. So we’re very selective about what makes the record.

IM: Since the UK and Europe are always the first to get album releases and limited edition packs, do you think the USA will ever get its own Alter Bridge special release?
MK: I would hope so; you know this is our home turf. It’s interesting how that always tends to be the case though with these special releases abroad. Although we do have certain retail with b- sides so I guess to some degree there are special releases in the US.

IM: What is your favorite song to play live?
MK: I think overall from Alter Bridge, probably “Blackbird.” I think off the new record it’s hard to say because we’ve only played one show. But I think we were all really excited to play “Cry of Achilles”. But we will see what happens as the tour progresses.

IM: For people who have never seen Alter Bridge live, but have seen you in your other bands, how does the Alter Bridge experience differ from your other concerts?
MK: I think with Alter Bridge there’s just a certain connection with the fans and I’m not saying that the other energies don’t have that connection. It’s just a very intense thing sometimes when you see how these songs seem to resonate with our fan base and see how passionate they are. I was reminded of that the other day when we played in Orlando and seeing how so many people already knew the lyrics of brand new material better than I did and I was the guy singing it! (laughs) It’s a very intense fan base and we’re very fortunate for you guys and that’s really what keeps us going

IM: Do you have any words of wisdom for people trying to make it in the music industry?
MK: There’s something to be said about being extremely tenacious and not necessarily abiding by timelines set up for yourself. I know for me in my early 20’s I remember saying ‘okay, I’m going to give myself until I’m 25’ and then 25 came around and I just kept pushing it and pushing it. And you know, I’m glad I did because I think through just sheer perseverance and not giving up, I was able to do a lot of things I dreamed of doing. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun work. You’re going to get your heart broken. You just have to remember that ultimately if you really believe in what you’re doing and you really feel like it’s coming from an honest place, that other people will see that and react to that.

IM: Are there any future plans for Alter Bridge that you would like to share?
MK: Just put this record out and tour it into the ground and hopefully ‘come to a city near you’ (laughs) I’ll throw that cliché line out there and continue to bring this crazy rock n roll circus to the people.

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