Interview With Scott Phillips

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Alter Bridge have just released their fourth record Fortress and we had a chat to drummer Scott Phillips about the record. The band will be returning to Australia early next year to perform at the Soundwave Festival.

Your new album Fortress comes out later this month, can you tell us a bit about the record?
Yeah, it’s the fourth record we’ve released as Alter Bridge and there’s twelve songs. This is not a departure for us by any means by we’ve tried to push the musical boundaries of what we’ve done in the past a little bit further. There’s a lot of creative songs on there that I’m really excited for people to hear.

How did you go about trying to push those boundaries?
I think we we’re just trying to think outside the way we wrote songs in the past, where we might have been more concerned with the song structure. Or things like time signature changes, that was something that we were always concerned about, and with this record I think we kind of found some cool moments where we do things like that but not where it overpowers the song. I think we just through in a couple of twists to keep us interested and keep the fans interested.

The producer on the record has worked with you for a very long time, what is it about him that keeps you going back?
I think he has really became a friend as much as someone we work with professionally, so that always makes it comfortable to continue to work with him. He is just an amazing energetic producer and has a lot of great ideas. We felt like from the first time, he really captured the essence of what the band was about. He never tried to turn us into something else or tried to water it down. I think it’s a great relationship that we have and I don’t think this will be the last time.

What was recording the record this time around?
It was similar to the other times we’ve done it. The difference this time was from start to finish, the entire recording process was done in one studio. When we recorded Blackbird, we started in started in Nashville, we finished it in a beach house in Virginia and then mixed it in New York City. This was the first time that we started tracking drums here in Orlando, and then did all the guitars, bass and drums here and mixed it here. But I think creatively it was pretty similar to the other records, but it seems like from album to album.

You’ve released the single Addicted To Pain, what as the response been like?
Everything I’ve heard sounds great. I think we may have surprised people with the intensity, we tried to pick up the pace with that particular song. But the response I’ve heard has been nothing but positive so far.

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