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Alter Bridge Drummer Scott Phillips - Talks To France's RockNLive.org 

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On October 24, RockNLive.org conducted an interview with drummer Scott Phillips of American rockers ALTER BRIDGE at Le Zenith in Paris, France. You can now watch the chat below.

ALTER BRIDGE's fourth album, "Fortress", sold 30,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 12 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on October 8 via EMI Label Services.

Interview with Scott Phillips via Metal Express Radio

Mike Burgess just talked drummer Scott Phillips from Alter Bridge during their recent UK tour. Hear them chat about their new album Fortress, playing bigger venues, touring with Halestorm and Shinedown, his side project Projected and Creed.

Scott Phillips of Alter Bridge

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With the highly anticipated new record Fortress finally on store shelves, Alter Bridge has boom-boxed back with a triumph. Playing a sold out show earlier this month in Orlando, where three-fourths of the band live, they are now trekking across Europe and looking forward to a full-fledged tour on American soil in the new year.

With everyone having a busy 2012 – Myles touring with Slash; guitar player Mark Tremonti recording and touring with his solo band Tremonti; drummer Scott Phillips adding his sticks to Projected, John Connolly’s foray outside his Sevendust home; and bass player Brian Marshall, who played with Tremonti but took time off to be with his newborn son – it almost looked as if the band would not have any new music out for a long time. But the quartet was determined to again record music under the Alter Bridge moniker sooner rather than later. And what they have created is one hell of an album.

It’s not uncommon to get better with age but Alter Bridge has done so tenfold. The maturity of the songs, the pure sound of the musicianship, is almost unbelievable considering the circumstances of time apart and different musical adventures. As Phillips explained to me right before they left for Europe, they wanted to be “innovative and new” while not veering too far from the sound their fans love.

You just played in Orlando and you’re heading off to Europe. Why did you tease us with just one show in America?
We’re definitely planning on doing a full US tour, maybe in January or February-ish. I know that we’re scheduled to do the Soundwave tour in Australia, which starts at the end of February, but I think a decent amount of January and the early portion of February we’ll do a full-blown US tour. Just the way the schedule is set up, we knew that we were going to definitely hit Europe towards the end of this year and try to do what we can do to get the album released earlier to have time to do both the US and a European tour. But it’s just kind of where the chips fall, if you will, when it comes to labels and their schedules and what works for them. We certainly want to accommodate them and what we feel would be the best amount of time to set up the record and single and all that kind of stuff. We decided we were going to do a week’s worth of rehearsals here in Orlando and why not finish it with a show, a hometown show, if you will, to kind of cap it off and sort of get that first performance under your belt with what we’d hope would be a friendly crowd. And it went great. It was a lot of fun. I think we all really enjoyed it and there’s certainly room for improvement on our part. But everybody that saw it seemed to enjoy it.

What do you think you have to work out?
Oh I don’t know. I mean, it’s been coming up on two years since the four of us have played together in the same band and been on stage. You can rehearse all you want for weeks and weeks and months or days or whatever but as soon as you get in front of a crowd, all bets are off. The songs that we played offFortress are the first time we’ve played them for any type of crowd whatsoever. So just tighten it up a little bit. I don’t know if it’s anything fans would necessarily have noticed but we’re always our harshest critic and are always sort of striving for perfection.

How long will you be in Europe?
We are there for right about thirty days. Like twenty-two or twenty-three days, somewhere around there. A nice busy schedule but it will definitely be a lot of fun getting back over there and reconnect with some of those fans.

With Myles having been away for so long with Slash, how did you get this album made?
Well, we had just kind of finished up the last portion of the Creed tour that we had done last year. Myles was finishing up tours with Slash. So it’s been a lot of careful planning and trying to look at the calendar months, if not years, in advance and sort of scheduling time. “This is when we need you. Can you make it work?” Mark and Myles are both constant writers. And you have a ton of ideas that you come in with and just sort of bounce them off of each other. All four of us listen to their ideas, deciding what we think is cool and what’s worth working on. The first few days are extremely exciting cause you hear all these ideas that Myles has put together and some ideas that I hadn’t heard Mark put together up until that moment. I think everybody just has a natural excitement when the four of us get together and hear new music and try and think of the possibilities of where these songs can end up.

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