Mark: "Fortress was like catching lightning in a bottle"

It had been three years since Alter Bridge’s last studio album, ABIII, and their fans have been eagerly awaiting their return. With Myles Kennedy on vocals/guitar, Mark Tremonti on guitar/vocals, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums, the band returns on October 8th with their fourth album,Fortress.

Fortress builds upon the sound that Alter Bridge has been known for with their uncompromised vocal melodies, untouchable dueling guitar work and explosive rhythm section.

From the opening acoustic guitar work on “Cry Of Achilles” throughout the other 12 songs, it is clear that Alter Bridge are back to reclaim their place as one of hard rock’s marquee bands.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with both Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy while visiting New York for a press run. Mark and I talk about the inspiration behind Fortress, well as how he has evolved as a guitar player since his days with Creed.


Robert Cavuoto: I love Fortress and think it’s by far your most aggressive and dynamic work.
Mark Tremonti: Thank you very much. I’m very excited about getting it out there.

Robert: What do you think your fan’s reaction to it will be?
Mark Tremonti: We’ve been lucky enough to have all these listening parties with fans and the response has been tremendous so far. Hopefully, that’s a good indication.

Robert: Do you think it’s your most aggressive CD to date?
Mark Tremonti: Yeah, it’s the highest energy we’ve put into an Alter Bridge CD.

Robert: Are you stockpiling riffs and then bring these to the table when you and Myles connect?
Mark Tremonti: Most of the stuff was written beforehand, with the exception of two or three songs. When we get together, we’ll play each other our favorite ideas and within about a week-and-a-half, we have an outline of the record with all the parts. We get with the rest of the band, get arrangements together and go to production. I think we spent about a month just tearing into these tunes and make them the best they could be.

Robert: Do you write any of the lyrics or does Myles handle? I ask because you recently put out your solo CD, where you did it all.
Mark Tremonti: Myles does the bulk of the lyric writing. I wrote some of the lyrics, but the thing that I enjoy the most is writing vocal melodies. Myles writes vocal melodies and then put them together. When I write melodies, I kind of just throw whatever comes off the top of my head at him, and then he’ll either run with that idea or start from scratch. On “Waters Rising” I wrote all the lyrics to that song, because I sing it.

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