The AU review caught up with Alter Bridge guitar virtuoso Mark Tremonti to talk Soundwave, new album Fortress, balancing family life with touring and what's happening with that new Creed album (not much).

The new album Fortress launches on September 27th. You must be excited to get it out.
Yeah, we’re just dying to get it out there.

Is there any overarching lyrical concept to it, like with your previous release ABIII?
There are a few different ones; betrayal is a big one, there are some apocalyptic themes, there is fighting through adversity and then there are some hopeful songs as well.

You’ve said previously that you wanted to be more adventurous when recording this album. In what ways do you think it’s been a bit different and do you think it’ll challenge your existing fan base?
No, the feedback we’ve gotten so far has been tremendous, so all the fans who have heard it so far have been very supportive.

Melody is at the core of what we do – me and Myles both agree that melody’s the most important part of any song. So what we want to do is keep those melodies and take those arrangements and make them unpredictable, mess with key changes, mess with time signatures, anything to keep it unpredictable.

Hi Mark, it’s an honor to me to have a conversation with you. I’ve prepared some questions for you about the new album, the relationship with other members of the band and your personal carreer as guitarist.
Hi Francesco, thank you. How are you?

Oh well, thanks. Where are you now?
I’m at home in Orlando right now.

Ok. I am in Padua right now, near Venice. Three years ago you played here with Alter Bridge, maybe you remember...
Oh yes, I do.

First question is obviously about the new album. On September 30th “Fortress”, the fourth Alter Bridge studio record, will be finally available. First of all, where does this title come from?
Well, we wanted that the title of the record came from one of the most important songs, so we decided to make “Fortress” the title-track. There are several messages of passion in this song.

How would you judge this last record? What’s your opinion about it?
I’m very happy, we wanted to go beyond our limits, we worked hard on the arrangements, tried a little experimentation and that’s what we did.

Which are the most important influences or experiences that rise up through the new songs?
Hope and resolution: there’s a couple of hopeful songs and the same “Fortress” means that nothing last forever, and we have a little time to try to enjoy our life, we can all do better.

Update: "Me and Myles are the writers, we'll sit down on our computers and sketch out ideas that later become the songs on the album. Brian and Scott come in and do their own thing, but as far as the writing process goes, it's me and Myles". Interview with Mark via Libel. Click Here.

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