Soundwave 2014 presents: In the Ring with AB

Check out what happened in "Soundwave 2014 presents: In the Ring with ALTER BRIDGE", with Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips.

Soundwave Festival: Hello Soundwave Festival Fans!
Hope all is well out there on this glorious Sunday Morning!
Soundwave Festival: Welcome to a Special “Release Week” edition of Soundwave’s IN THE RING series
Soundwave Festival: We’re super stoked to be joined by Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips from ALTER BRIDGE


Soundwave Festival: Scott, Brian….how’s it going?!? Just how late is it where you are on Saturday night?
Scott "Flip" Phillips: It's 9 pm Saturday night here . . .
AB/BMARSHALL: It's 9pm. Just got done with day 1 rehearsal.


Comment From Azra Ceylan: Hey guys! Which song are you most excited to play live on the tour?
AB/BMARSHALL: Cry of Achilles
Comment From Lachie Ward: What do you think will be the most difficult song to play live?
Scott "Flip" Phillips: Cry Of Achilles is definitely one we're looking forward to playing for sure
AB/BMARSHALL: Cry of Achilles will be a challenge but we're up for that


Comment From John Sambanis: is there songs that didnt make the album that you might release later?
AB/BMARSHALL: There was only one song that did not make the record that we actually recorded.
Scott "Flip" Phillips: There is a song or 2 that might see the light of day in the future. We really tried to limit the songs we actually recorded. There were a ton of ideas, but really felt these tracks on Fortress were by far the strongest, so we really didn't continue working on the rest

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