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We had a chat to Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge on a dark, hot Orlando night a couple of weeks ago. You saw the abridged version, but here it is in full!

This is going to be your 4th album, how do you feel you’re at, at this particular point in your career and how the album sits?
I think Alter Bridge has built up to this moment. I think we keep trying to improve on what we were doing and hopefully every album shows that growth and hopefully this is our most experienced record.

How do you think as a band things have changed for you over the span of those four records, has what’s influenced you changed, have you changed from what you set out to do initially?
I think that when we first got the band together we were still kind of in that Creed mindset where we were playing it a little safer and we only really had one guitar player. When we went to the Blackbird record we specifically tried to not sound like our past and tried to recreate ourselves. When Miles added his guitar onto the record I think that was really the birth. I think our second record was really the birth of our new sound. And then Alter Bridge - we got much more experimental with it and it turned out to be a very dark record and with this record we wanted to make like a high energy record…make the songs unpredictable with the arrangements and the key changes and time signatures and everything we could.

There seemed to be a bit of a breakthrough between AB3 and what’s leading into Fortress now. Do you feel like that’s given you a little bit more freedom now to explore some of those different things or do you feel that you’ve got more expectations on you as Alter Bridge?
I think once we wrote the song Addicted To Pain, me and Myles kind of agreed that that could be our lead-off single. From that point on we could be as experimental as we wanted, cause we had our first single written. Our fans enjoy songs like Black Bird and the more drawn out, long, complex songs and the heavier stuff because Isolation was our biggest radio success so we knew that Addicted To Pain was right up that alley. With the rest of the record, we wanted to make it experimental. Make it bigger, better, harder and a fun record to perform live - that was a main concern of ours as well.

You guys are almost emerging as the champions of the modern rock sound because I guess that there are a lot of bands that become influenced by certain styles or they become part of a genre that only lasts a certain amount of time, whereas that sort of hard rock is really sort of quite timeless. How do you feel about being touted as being a band that’s now a leader in that genre?
It’s a great compliment. I feel like we play very classic routed rock and roll music in our style mixed with some heavy metal stuff but we find it hard to find other bands to tour with a lot of the time. We’re not so metal that we can tour with the Metallica types but we’re not so alternative that we could go with the 30 Seconds To Mars’ of the world we’re kind of between. It’s hard to find bands to tour with cause there’s not a lot that are super similar to what we do. On this next tour we’re going out with Shinedown and Halestorm. It’s going to be great because I think vocally it’s just going to be an amazing night.

Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) interview 2013 by Barbara Caserta

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