Myles Kennedy World 1 Year

Myles Kennedy World 1 Year

One year ago, we decided to create one special space to show how unique and amazing is Myles Kennedy, and in some way, give back to him what we always give to all of us, his fans around the world. Since the day we created Myles Kennedy World, we have learned day after with all the friends we met on the page.

There´s a lot of emotions for sure, because you are confronted with some stories of life that show you some facts that is not very easy to deal with and I don´t know, it´s really weird to understand it sometimes, but we became better people through that.

We can face all the feelings in one day, with stories of hope, sadness, rage, sickness and love. And the point is: None of the Myles´s fan is only HIS fan, they have a story of how and why they admire him and love him. It´s not that simple. You can´t only explain why you love Myles Kennedy, there´s not that magic word. You just feel it, and that´s it.

We wanna sincerely say thanks to Michael Tremonti, Daniel Catullo, Fret 12, Chuck Brueckmann, Jeff Moll, Michael Elvis Baskette and the entire teams and people involved that always are sharing with the fanpages relevant contents to help us so much in our daily routine. That means a lot. So thank you! You guys are the best.

So, one year after, and with all this luggage of learning, we just wanna express how thankful we are to all the fans and friend pages for all the days of support, we never imagined that the page would grow up so fast and with so amazing fans, for all the beautiful stories that you guys shared with us, patience and to show us such genuine love for the most beautiful and pure soul, Myles Kennedy. He absolutely deserves it, because he is the reason of the existence of this page and he is responsible for the change in our lives forever.

Huge love!

Myles Kennedy World Team

One special thank you to our friend and a huge Myles Kennedy fan, Kasia Kowalska. She gave us a lot of her precious time to help us to edit some parts of our project. Thank you honey! We love you!

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