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Eddie Trunk's Top 10 Releases of 2013

2: Alter Bridge: Fortress

Band gets better and heavier with every album. Mark Tremonti’s solo debut was one of my top 10 of 2012. This album has those same amazing riffs and playing coupled with equally amazing playing and singing by Myles Kennedy. The rhythm section of Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips driving everything perfectly. Great production as well from Elvis Baskette that is crushing but not at the expense of dynamics. An epic incredible 4th album from Alter Bridge who I can not wait to see live and let’s hope America embraces them like Europe has already where they can headline arenas. More.

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Top Ten Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums of 2013: Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge deserve to be the biggest band in hard rock.

For proof, look no farther than this year's ironclad and impenetrable epic, Fortress. A sprawling masterpiece painted in the blood, sweat, and tears of the Florida quartet, its towering hooks belie instrumental intricacy that could inspire an entire generation of shredders and singers.

Myles Kennedy reaches Robert Plant-level heights on "Cry of Achilles", while Mark Tremonti weaves a six-string odyssey on the title track that's somewhere between Steve Vai and Master of Puppets. Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips forge one of the tightest and toughest rhythm sections the genre has ever seen.

When it dropped, the album bowed at over 30,000 units in the U.S. and they're going to embark on a massive Spring headline tour. Lest we forget, they headline arenas everywhere else in the world. It's time for North America to catch up.

Fortress is a landmark for metal and its best of 2013. 

—Rick Florino

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1° - Alter Bridge, Fortress

Guitarists: Mark Tremonti, Myles Kennedy

Harder, faster, heavier: book-ended by Blackbird-scale epics Cry Of Achilles and Fortress, while punishing, groove-some syncopated riffs reign supreme elsewhere in The Uninvited, Peace Is Broken, Cry A River and the bruising Bleed It Dry. The energy never dips. MORE

2. Alter Bridge - Fortress: 

This fourth album from Alter Bridge will go down with "Blackbird" as being one of the truly great albums this quartet has produced. The songwriting is a step up on everything they've done yet, the playing is tight, the songs heavier and yet still smooth, and the overall feel of the album one of polished precision with very little repetition or filler. The drumming is a step up on what it was – still with jazz-rock beats mashed together with double kicks, the solos are better, and vocally the album is a gem. It's less directly appealing than either "Blackbird" or "AB III" because it is noticeably heavier and more experimental in its approach than any of the previous albums, but listen again for a while and it will become clear that this album is truly a phenomenal album from start to finish. "Fortress" is a sensational, solid Alter Bridge album, and will be loved by the older fans, and newer fans. You will need jaw re-alignment, change of pants and your ears checked as It features some of their best work specifically from Kennedy. If someone were to steal this album off my hard drive, I would lambaste them for breaking into my house, commend them for having good taste in music and then go buy the album on disc where it can hold a place of honour in my collection besides its three elder and yet not as macho brothers. Truly, "Fortress" is a great album which will go down alongside "Blackbird" as one of the best albums this century has offered so far. - MORE

15. Alter Bridge - Fortress

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