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Due to the Holidays, we´ve decided to make the poll of our giveway this week. So, we reunited the best answers so that you guys can choose the winners of the kits. You have to vote for the best answer, until the January 12th. Thanks in advance for your patience and one more time, thank you for your participation.
Myles Kennedy World Team

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01 - Why Myles Kennedy has changed your world?

I started listening to Myles for two years , I saw at festivals with Slash , his voice just caught me , his passion on stage infects everyone a beautiful and postive energy that makes you want to live only for listening hear him sing , and when the whole guitar is as if God himself will guide his passion is reflected in everything he does , his joy each time giving a concert makes me very happy, I saved the day, since I saw I could Live at Wembley stop listening to Alter Bridge for more than a month, was the only thing I heard , and my interest Myles was born , I wanted to know more , to know all that he liked , which he ate , his career , his influence, and I started to search and continue to speak of the pages , such as World Myles Kennedy , best of coming home from school and sit at my computer open the twitterer facebook and see photos , videos or news of my dear Myles , if you 've had a bad day, from I see a photo of Myles smiled and think "what a wonderful life" , in Myles found a passionate, talented , humble , caring , kind , gentle , sweet, handsome, sexy, hardworking, dedicated , dreamy makes me want to be a better person , there were a few months where everything around me was wrong , I did not see the meaning of life , or my friends or my family , cried for problems that have always been , but what comforted me was " in loving memory "a " watch over you "a " life must go on , "an " all hope is gone , "a" shed my skin , "a" broken wings , "a" starligh "a " 12/31 "a " ghost of days gone by , "a" i know it hurts " and all these songs with Myles Alter Bridge, Slash and The Conspiratos been recorded , which fortunately for me i can hear and enjoy to the fullest.

Whenever I hear Alter Bridge no turning back , I hear all the albums over and over again , because the voice of Myles relaxes me, makes me think and reflect, it is medicine but also addiction , but more willing than any other , Myles is an example of life , is so worked and dedicated , never stops, always gets material for my delight and all those who enjoy their excellent work , so it has gained recognition , admiration and respect for lovers of good music around the world . My admiration , my respect , appreciation and love won it long ago , I lost myself in order to make sense of what I was doing with my life, now smiled more, much more , I think of his smile, and if he's happy, I also am, her songs are all day in my head, his sentences have put into practice , it is simply the most comprehensive , friendly , sweet , hardworking , humble , talented man in the world of rock and roll to me , and humility makes it even bigger, it's so beautiful to hear when it flatter and denies or does not accept how wonderful it is, and what it brings to the people in my to caused happiness, satisfaction , has helped me in my decisions , in my sorrows and joys , in my successes and my mistakes , has been and will be but do not know, I love him, admire him , if I change my life for the better , he is an inspiration and role model , I just want your happiness, their success and many blessings for , helped me and has helped many people find that light at the end of the tunnel is the light, is beauty, is passion , he's rock and roll.
Ana Karina Lizcano

02 - Why Myles Kennedy has changed your world?

Why did Myles Kennedy changed my world? Oh no, he didn't changed my world, he saved my world. When I was 10 I only wanted something: to die. A little 10 year old girl wanting to die? Come on! You must be kidding!. No, I'm not kidding. In 2006 my parents divorced, my two dogs died and my whole world crumbled down, maybe you think it's not a big deal, but for my little heart it was destructive. I didn't want to ear, I didn't want to talk, to walk, to smile... To be happy. Everyone left me behind. I just wanted to end everything... I didn't want to live anymore, ir hasn't any sense for me. 
I stopped eating, I started crying, I got deppressed and sick... I got anemy. All I wanted was to forget EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.
Then... He woke me up and told me with his music: Hey!, what are you doing? You're not alone... Here I am I'm here to be your friend, your tears, your joy, I'm here to be your confident, to heal your pain. Just open your eyes and find the real, I'll help you to shed your skin, I'll show you that living worth the gain. 
I know he was... He IS like my guardian angel, the one who makes me feel good when everything's wrong, he teached me to cry for happines, smile, laugh, hug, run, jump... He teached me the truly power of music, my medicine. He teached me the meaning of be happy. I learned to love, to forgive... I LEARNED HOW TO LIVE, thanks to him.
I know that he don't know about my existence, and maybe he'll never do. But I'm sure that Got sent him with a propouse, he was sent to save lifes... Like mine. And I don't know how to pay it...
I just have something left to say: THANK YOU MYLES KENNEDY, I will always thank him, because he didn't changed my world, he saved my life, my heart, my body, my mind and my soul.. And he still doing it... He saves everyday my little 17 year old girl world.
Sayde Gabriela Ruiz Alanuza

03 - Why Myles Kennedy has changed your world?

Myles impacted me in the most positive way possible. I was on youtube looking up stuff for improving my own guitar technique and my best friend pointed me to guns n roses and towards slash. naturally i went straight to attacking EVERYTHING possible about slash. I found the acoustic set he and myles did together in australia at the max sessions. NORMALLY i dont like the high pitch voices that myles did but something about myles stood out to me and i just fell in love IMMEDIATELY. the very second i heard myles voice i hunted for his own band very hard and discovered to my immense pleasure, ALTER BRIDGE. from that point on ive been hooked. i spent all my free time when im not studying or practicing guitar to find everything about myles mark brian and scott as well alter bridge and myles own work with slash. i fell very hard. I hunted for the songs myles himself wrote such as Metalingus which changed my life. that song is motivation to me. The Performance he and the band put on during Wembley with the speech about "dreams do come true" really changed me. the lyrics to Metalingus coupled with how myles always said he dreamed to be here one day on the stage really pushed me over the edge. it made me wanna work harder in my studies to become a doctor and change the world as well as be a better musician. because of myles i am now writing daily not just songs but journal entries, poems, short stories as well as music. i practice harder than ever because of myles until my fingers bleed. The picture the Foo Fighters posted on their Twitter about pats guitar being covered in blood has been my own guitar many times. Myles has impacted my life in a such a way that he makes me wanna be a better me that i can be as well as a better person for the world to change it and make everybody smile
Manesh Mahajan

Congratulations to the winner: Sayde Gabriela Ruiz Alanuza!

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