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Slash and his solo band, MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS, have entered the studio to record the third album under the solo Slash banner. The follow-up to 2012's "Apocalyptic Love" is being helmed by producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette, known for his work with Kennedy's other band, ALTER BRIDGE, as well as FALLING IN REVERSE, STORY OF THE YEAR and INCUBUS, to name a few.

Asked how the new Slash material is sounding, Kennedy told VH1 Radio Network's Dave Basner: "It's good! It's very rock. It's very rocking. I think it's more up-tempo than the last record was, and [Slash has] got some really great riffs on this record. Killer stuff."

While Slash is still in the studio putting music together, Myles is focusing on ALTER BRIDGE, which is scheduled to tour Japan next week and will be on the road across the globe for the next few months.

According to Myles, the drums for Slash's new album are being recorded right now and Slash is texting him daily with updates of what songs they've finished and which ones they're working on.

Slash bassist Todd Kerns said about the album at his blog, "I have to admit that, conceptually, I felt that 'Apocalyptic Love' would be a tough act to follow, but I can say with all the confidence in the world that we are more than armed and ready."

Kerns added, "The material on this album is more serious and more fun at the same time, which is a tough balance indeed. The songs are sleazier, tougher and more dangerous . . . We are all very excited to unleash the monster upon you as soon as we can."

Slash has not set a release date for the new record and Kerns said it will "be done when it's done."

Slash officially began recording as a solo artist with his self-titled 2010 debut album.

The former GUNS N' ROSES and VELVET REVOLVER guitarist employed a different vocalist on each track of his first album, before settling on ALTER BRIDGE's Myles Kennedy for both touring and eventually recording.

"Apocalyptic Love" earned Slash his two first-ever No. 1 U.S. rock radio hits with "You're A Lie" and "Standing In The Sun". The record's third single, "Anastasia", cracked the Top 10 at Modern and Active Rock and Top Five at Mainstream Rock.

Slash told The Pulse Of Radio that the partnership with Kennedy seemed natural from the start. "We work really well together," he said. "I never really thought about how that's progressing. It's real natural. So it's like any kind of sort of close relationship, where I think we established it really, really early on and now we're just sort of doing our thing, you know. Yeah, I don't know what else to say — it's just a really cool kind of synergy that we've got."

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Todd Kerns Interview on Slash's New Album

We were lucky enough to interview Todd Kerns, the current bassist for Slash's solo band. Todd has also worked with the charting Canadian band Age of Electric, Static in Stereo, and Sin City Sinners. Todd talks about Slash and Myles Kennedy along with what to expect in the new album.

Me: First of all Todd, I’d like to thank you for doing this interview with me, I know you are busy with the newest Slash album and solo performances and stuff of that nature. So I’ll delve right in here. Slash is known around the rock community as being a cool guy to work and play with, how true are the perceptions of him?
Todd Kerns: That perception is absolutely accurate. Slash is an amazing guy. A truly generous and giving individual. He is endlessly inspiring as he is constantly trying to better himself. Especially considering that he really doesn’t need to.

Me: Being as cool as he is he has definitely had some bad luck throughout the years with the lead singers of his various bands, now I’m not naming any names but it seems like he has found a good one in Myles Kennedy.
Kerns: Well, it’s hard to call that bad luck considering the amazing material those incarnations created but I understand what you mean. Myles is another amazing guy. Super laid back but also super driven and amazingly talented in his own right. He is an absolute pleasure to sing with night after night

Me: You were an accomplished musician before joining Slash. Your previous band Age of Electric seemed to be a household name in Canada. Most of your singles you released with that band charted in the Canadian Top 100. It seems like you had a good thing going, what happened to cause the split?
Kerns: That band is still very near and dear to my heart. We came up together as kids and stayed together pretty much 10 years. Were we more mature we would have taken time to ourselves and come back to the mothership but we were young and brash and wandered off in our own directions. I still believe that one day we will return to that mothership one way or another

Me: Slash and the Conspirators is a far cry from the album you released in 2013 entitled ‘Borrowing Trouble’ which was a more down home, fundamental rock album, almost reminiscent of Fuel. I know all artists need variation but which style do enjoy playing more in a live setting and in the studio?
Kerns: I will always be a loud RAWK animal in my heart of hearts but I always told myself that if I had the chance I’d make an acoustic album and I did. I think it’s important to set goals for one’s self. I still have many I’m working towards. Books, further albums, production. There is always a new mountain to climb. When it comes to art the reward is in the creating.

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