Exclusive Interview with Daniel Catullo

Exclusive Interview with Daniel Catullo

Daniel Catullo is an American concert promoter, Director, and Producer, and the co-founder and CEO of DC3 Music Group and The City Drive Entertainment Group, both production and distribution companies specializing in 3D films, music videos, documentaries and live DVDs. The companies have produced projects for a range of artists including Rage Against the Machine, Alter Bridge, Creed, Mariah Carey, Godsmack, and Chickenfoot.

In this exclusive interview Daniel talks about Alter Bridge, Box Set, Oscar, news and much more!
  And once again, we would like to thank Daniel for everything.

Myles Kennedy World -  You have already worked with a lot of artists, as Creed and Godsmack, to name a few. We can see you have some kind of connection with Alter Bridge. What do you think about working with the band? 
Daniel Catullo - I have always loved these guys. not only do their songs connect with you, they are just really nice guys. down to earth and hard workers. they have had so many hardships in their career, yet they keep plugging away and they stay positive. i have never seen a band work so hard or care so much about their fans. once you get to know these guys and work with them, you feel like you are part of their family. therefore, even though we are doing less and less music now and have moved into documentaries and feature films, we will always work with Alter Bridge. they are family to us now and so are the fans. the fans in particular have been absolutely amazing to us over the past 8 years.

Myles Kennedy World - Recently you have been nominated to an Oscar reward for "Best Documentary". The Square have an awesome plot and a very important issue today. How was the experience and how the nomination has impacted you and your team? 
Daniel Catullo - The entire experience with "the square" has been beyond amazing. what an amazing ride it has been. the past 3 years we have met so many amazing people. it was really an honor to work with so many accomplished people and with such a accomplished filmmaker like jehane noujaim. one thing that was really amazing was being involved in such an important project. millions of people have seen this film and have taken a stand against oppressive governments and are now doing their part in effecting change. we screened the film in kiev only a week before all the riots broke out for thousands of people in theri square on inflatable screens. this film will create change all over the world and continue to help save lives. very proud to have been a part of it and to get to know these brave filmmakers. 

Myles Kennedy World - There´s a lot of good things and a huge sinergy involving Alter Bridge, the fans and the live performances. So, how the idea emerged and how was the process of chosing the material of the Box Set for to celebrate 10 years of Alter Bridge? 
Daniel Catullo - I originally came up with the idea 2-3 years ago when we were figuring out what to do with all of this extra footage we have lying around of the band. i literally have hundreds of hours of unreleased content. remember, when we interview the guys for a webisode or one of our other dvd's, we usually interview them for an hour or so, but only end up using minutes at best of that interview. we also wanted to do something special for the fans for the band's 10th anniversary. their fans are a part of the band's success, as if it weren't for the fans, the band would not be where they are. the box set is intended to be a real tribute to the fans and a celebration of how far they have come. 

Myles Kennedy World - We know that soon Dvd / Cd / Blu-ray Live in Milan will be released , beyond the content of the Box, and this new DVD, there is some new material that was not included? 
Daniel Catullo - Yes, there is a ton of new content not included in our original breakdowns of the box set. we are releasing the milan concert film sometime in june on tv and possibly online and then the dvd, blu ray and cd will come out later in the summer/ early fall. it is a documentary ust like u2's "rattle & hum" and will include extensive behind the scenes footage, along with live performances. we are also throwing in a bonus surprise show from their 2014 tour that we can't mention yet. it will be the best dvd yet (trust me on this). due to the box set delays, we will be shipping this dvd when it comes out to everybody who bought the box set for free 

Myles Kennedy World - We already know that Myles Kennedy is an amazing guy and an amazing and talented musician. But tell us... How is it to work with him? 
Daniel Catullo - He is super down to earth and very, very nice. very cooperative. off stage he is a really humble and quiet guy. the exact opposite of what you would think he would be like. 

Myles Kennedy World -  Let´s talk a little about South America and Brazil more specifically. There´s no surprise that we are cheering so much for Alter Bridge tour here. What do you think about Brasilian crowd? And what are the expectations of the band and yours concerning future gigs here. (fingers crossed) We love Myles Kennedy and Alter Bridge and we can say that it will be a huge honor to have you guys here in our country. 
Daniel Catullo - First of all, let me start by saying that i love filming shows in south american more than any other place in the world!! "Rush in Rio" in 2003 was an amazing experience and the people of rio were unbelievable!!! i would choose shooting in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc anyday over any other place on the planet ! such passionate fans!! 
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