SLASH: 'If Touring Was As Sparse As Radio Is For Rock And Roll, We'd Have A Lot Of Trouble'

Legendary guitarist Slash was recently interviewed on the Italian radio station Radio DeeJay. You can now listen to the chat at this location. (Note: The Slash interview begins around the 40-minute mark.)

On the lack of "real" rock and roll on commercial radio stations:

Slash: "If touring was as sparse as radio is for rock and roll, we'd have a lot of trouble. The rock and roll fans are as fantastic now as they've ever been. It's strange how that happens. But the business itself is, like, 'No, we'd like to be making money off commercial music.'"

On his upcoming third solo album, "World On Fire", which contains 17 songs:

Slash: "We always record a lot of material, but usually what I do, I keep the record down to, like, maybe 12 song and the extra ones come out with the deluxe record later. But, you know, people don't wanna have to go out and buy two records. So I just put it all on one record. It's 77 minutes [long]. Not quite as long as 'The Godfather' [movie]."

Credits: blabbermouth.net
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