Myles Kennedy World 2 Years!

Myles Kennedy World 2 Years!

Exactly two years ago, the love for a talented and amazing musician joined a few people from different parts of Brazil and other countries around one dream and a common purpose: to create a website to honor and show the world his brightness and his ability to change destiny. That's how we describe Myles Kennedy, a wonderful human being and an illuminated professional.

Talking about Myles turns out to be everything and so little at the same time, simple and complex, because each fan has their particular experience to share, but a common feature runs through our hearts, Myles every day help us to build our stories, our destiny.

Myles Kennedy World is the way we found to thank him for each lyric, each melody, each sentence that always comes at the right moment as if it were to each fan. His songs give us direction, bring us back to the path and allow us to keep going, regardless of everything else. 

Every day, during those two years, we've been through great experiences, being prized with beautiful stories of people that came into our lives due to the website, due to Myles. This is simply unique, there's no way to properly explain how important it is. We have learned to share our admiration for Myles and we grew as human beings.

We would like to thank Myles Kennedy, specially for the affection dedicated to each fansite and for recognizing our work, and thank with all our hearts each fan, each friend who support us daily on the website and on the social networks. Myles and YOU GUYS are the reason for the existence of the Myles Kennedy World.

It's with endless gratitude and happiness that we celebrate that very special date. The anniversary of the website's creation and Myles' birthday.

Thank you all and much love!

Myles Kennedy World Team

Myles Kennedy Brithday Project - Click here!

Photos: Annalisa Russo // spaziorock.it

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