Fan of the Month - January

Check out our interview with the "Fan of the Month" - January: ‎Caroline Hrmn

MKW - Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Caroline - I'm Caroline, admin of Myles Kennedy France since 3 years. Soon-to-be nurse, who loves music & gigs more than anything !

MKW -  How did you Become a fan?
Caroline I've been a fan of Slash since 2005, when I got to know him thanks to a friend of mine. When I heard he was coming to Paris in 2010, I just HAD to go. It was my first time seeing Myles, and it was amazing ... Kind of a love at first sight. So I've looked for infos about Myles, and got to know his past projects and Alter Bridge  I've now seen Alter Bridge 6 times, and SMK&C 6 times too ... And definitely more to come 

MKW -  Tell us about your most memorable Myles Kennedy moment.
Caroline So many, it's hard to choose ... He's been such a sweetheart to me... On Nov. 12th, we talked about new songs Slash & the guys would add for the next shows, and then I told him that Shadow Life was my favorite song of World on Fire. He told me it was too early for them to play it. The next night, I was right in front of him for the show. He told the crowd they were going to play a new song, for the first time ever. He looked at me, pointed a finger at me and said "This is for you, this is called Shadow Life". I almost fainted ... Among everything, that must be one of the best "gifts" he's ever done to me. 

MKW -  Give us your favorite "Myles Kennedy" lyric or quote (one liner)
Caroline "Only the Strong Survive"

MKW -  Send a message to the other fans.
Caroline Just wanted to thank the AB Family, for being the best fandom in the entire world. So happy to be a part of this awesome adventure!! Keep rocking and supporting Myles!

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