Check out our interview with the "Fan of the Month" - February: ‎Ann Tobar Roush

MKW - Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Ann Tobar -  I live in Nashville, TN with my husband, Tom, and our 2 dogs. I love all kinds of music. Along with music, my passion is animals. I am on the Board of a nonprofit, People For Animals. Here in Middle TN, thousands of dogs/cats are euthanized just because no one wants them. We work to prevent them from being born in the first place through spay/neuter. 

MKW - How did you Become a fan?
Ann Tobar - I became a Myles fan the first time I ever saw him which was with Alter Bridge at Rock Fest. I saw Slash, Myles and the Conspirators open for Aerosmith this past summer several times - SO GOOD !! The more I see Myles perform, whether with AB or Slash - the more I appreciate his incredible talent.  

MKW - Tell us about your most memorable Myles Kennedy moment.
Ann Tobar - My most memorable Myles moment was when I did a Meet & Greet this Fall for AB. I thanked him for the BEST summer of my life - seeing him with Slash opening for Aerosmith several times and Slash at The Whiskey on The Sunset Strip were the highlights of my summer. Myles was so gracious - he thanked me! He was so sweet !! 

MKW - Give us your favorite "Myles Kennedy" lyric or quote (one liner)
Ann Tobar - My favorite Myles lyric "I want to rise today and change this world" When I saw AB this fall they ended the show with Rise Today. I felt inspired. Every time I hear that song I feel inspired to do good and am reminded that we all have the power to change this world for the good or for the bad. 

MKW - Send a message to the other fans.
Ann Tobar - I am so grateful to be a part of the Myles/AB/Slash family !! I have so many great friends all over the world because of Myles/AB/Slash - Japan, UK, Australia, Canada, Russia, Finland and of course, all over the US. I am so grateful !!! Beyond words grateful !!

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