"Never doubt or stop believing"

I won't lie, that I doubted that my dream would really come true! But really: "DREAMS COME TRUE", and I can only thank one person for making this a reality: The One and Only, Myles Kennedy!

Who could imagine, that in one day I would meet Slash, Todd, Frank, Brent and Myles?  If you told me that this would happen, I would not have believed it! I was only in Curitiba's concert, so I only had one shot! With Slash, I only had a few seconds, and he was very kind  and attentive! It was an incredible pleasure to meet him! Frank loved our poster (thanks Cyntia) "Frank, Don't sleep on the Stage". It was so funny see him and Todd laughing on stage. Even without asking, Frank took a piece of paper from his pocket and placed it in my hand! It WAS THE SET LIST !! Thank you Frank! You are so friendly. Todd Dammit Kerns, what an amazing guy, so funny!  I was so nervous and couldn't even take a picture. He was definitely a sweet person and his humor helped me to calm down. I talked so much with Brent, that I forget to take a picture! What a pity! Besides being able to share this moment with amazing people, and after more than 2 and a half years, I met my dear friend and admin from MKW, Paula! (I love you girl) I need to thank Myles, because of him I met wonderful people! 

This was definitely the best concert I've ever seen in my entire life! Myles was such a killer on stage! I was so impressed! He has changed a lot since the 2012 concert! Wow! He interacted with the audience all the time, and thanked his supporters. The voice? I have no words, a great singer! He knows how to get the audience pumped!  With the site we follow all the concerts of this tour, and HE USED MY FAVORITE SHIRT "I wish I had arms to slap you all" Thanks Myles!

To Myles,
I have no words to thank you for these moments, even tired after an amazing show, you set out to meet us! I am eternally grateful for that! I am grateful for you being so kind, so lovely, so patient as I spoke non-stop! Many people just want pictures and autographs, but the most important part for me was to thank you for everything and give to you a simple gift!
I always took care of "MKW" with much love and affection, always knew that you are an extraordinary person, but now I can say this for myself.  You really are a great human being, a beautiful soul with a great heart! The world needs more people like you! Thank you for giving  all your best on the show, for singing Bent to Fly and Back from Calli! My heart chose the right person to love and support! You deserve all the support, a great artist, singer, songwriter, guitar player! The complete package! Again, thank you for these moments that we will keep in our hearts for the rest of our lives!

All ends well, never doubt, never stop believing, because dreams come true! <3

Jully, MKW Team

"The Best Week of My Life"

After 03 months of waiting, the shows in Brazil were coming. I, Paula, went to the show in Brasilia. Were special moments. Met Janette, who did all the way from the United States to Brazil just to see the band and Vani, who came from Argentina, also a long journey. It is this kind of love that binds the fans. Meet the two was a very special moment and had complemented what was to come.

Before the show, I met my childhood idol. None less than Slash. A nice guy and that doesn´t refuse to hug a fan and stop a few minutes of your frenetic routine to take pictures and also thanks to getting a gift. I felt in a dream, because absorb that something you would expect for 20 years had became reality takes time and time is what I din´t that day. A great show was coming. The show has begun on a rainy and boring night, but everything has changed as soon as Slash, Myles Kennedy, Todd Dammit Kerns, Brent Fitz and Frank Sidoris hit the stage. Actually, the public was already ready for a lot of rock and roll, after Gilby Clarke did a great presentation with solo songs and some of Guns and Roses and when Slash concert started, it was the most special moment of my life. Three years waiting for this moment and worth every minute of waiting. The show was phenomenal, the band is more intermeshed than ever, the harmony on stage is visible and also the energy. Slash is definitely my "guitar hero". The solos almost brought me in tears, I couldn´t take my eyes of his movements with the guitar and I believe that no one in the audience as well. Todd Kerns is simply a monster on stage. He has energy, moves all the time, sings, raises the audience, is contagious. Brent Fitz, even with the eye hurting, stayed more than two hours on stage, as the great drum master. Frank Sidoris not slept and, with his usual concentration, raises the crowd with his guitar. And what to say about Myles Kennedy? I never saw him so comfortable on stage. Happy, playing with the audience, imposed his presence and led the crowd to delirium with his voice, sometimes an angel, sometimes with high notes that rocked Net Live Brasilia. Definitely Myles is in the best moment of your career and be able to see it live makes me feel privileged. It was a special night with special friends and with awesome guys, that no matter all the fame they already had, have showed that they are connected with their fans and they are so humble which makes of all of us really proud to support their careers.  A time to keep forever

Arriving in Curitiba, for the show of the next day, we had a big meeting, because I could finally meet my good friend and co-worker on site, Jully Curitiba's show was just phenomenal. The best rock audience I've ever seen in my life. They sang all the songs, cheered on each part. Big men crying with "Sweet Child O'Mine", and the band did not fail to recognize the passion. Slash even presented us with with an improvisation, doing a solo of one of typical brasilian song, to honor the crowd´s energy. At the end of the presentation, the band was cheered and cheered the crowd. It was a beautiful gig.

After the show, there came one of the most important moments of our lives, when we met the man who is the big reason for the existence of the website, Myles Kennedy. There is no way to explain properly how is to met Myles, but I´ll try. He´s one of the most lovely, polite and humble person that we´ve been on the side. He transmits an absurd peace, that makes anyone feel comfortable in his presence. Myles took pictures, said how he respect the work of fansites and his respect for all the fans
If we already took care of the site with all respect because Myles changed our lives and of many others with his compositions,now, knowing him personally and seeing with our eyes how much special and illuminated human being he is, is a matter of love continue to devote every day to support Myles´s career. He deserves, for the person who he is and for what he means for each of us.

Paula, MKW Team

Thank you Myles and thank you guys for all the support and love!


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