Myles just has this emotion in his voice - Mark Tremonti Interview

Mark Tremonti Talks New Tremonti Album, His Role As Frontman and Future of Alter Bridge and Creed

HNGN: Do you feel you almost did too good of a job of exposing Myles Kennedy to a larger audience when you brought him into Alter Bridge? Everyone seems to want to play with him, from Slash to the Led Zeppelin guys.

Tremonti: Oh man. I'm proud. Hopefully people think I'm a good talent supplier. I'd be a good A&R guy for bands I guess. I knew he was a superstar before he joined the band, just listening to the old Mayfield Four stuff, he's just an amazing singer. I tried a lot of singers out for Alter Bridge, and a lot of them could do great things with their voices, but Myles just has this emotion in his voice. He was born to do this, he's been doing it since he's a tiny kid. The big surprise about Myles that I didn't know for a while is he is a brilliant guitar player. You put Myles on stage at a jazz club and he's up there improvising and will not miss a beat, whereas I would fall on my face in about two seconds, it's just not my thing. That's why we work so well together, because I'm a speed metal guy and he's a blues and jazzy/feeling guy, and together we kind of create some diversity in the band. Same with Tremonti. Eric [Friedman] is a blues guy. His managers were kind of stylizing him to be the next Jonny Lang or Kenny Wayne Shepherd or Stevie Ray, and he plays that stuff so well. Now that he's grown older he's a metal guy. He can do it all. In Tremonti he kind of carries that more feel-y, long-held notes thing, and I'm more the speedy guy.

HNGN: What's next for Alter Bridge?

Tremonti: I think we'll probably get together this year and get the ball rolling songwriting-wise, and 2016 is when we plan to hit the studio. We've got some offers for some shows later this year, but our schedules are so all over the place that I don't know if that's going to happen.

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