Check out our interview with the "Fan of the Month" - May: Kelly Walenga

MKW - Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Kelly - My name is Kelly, 29 years old, formed engineer and now studying business administration. Animal lover, I’m on the board of a nonprofit, Amigos Leais, we help the abandoned animals, I love to travel and meet new people, and of course, a rock lover.

MKW -  How did you Become a fan?
Kelly - I was going out with my friends, and I heard in the car of one of them a song by Alter Bridge Watch Over You, and instantly I fell in love with the voice so, I started to look more songs of the band, and every song I fell in love more and more for Myles.

MKW - Tell us about your most memorable Myles Kennedy moment.
Kelly - It was during a SMKC’s show in Curitiba (Brazil), I had asked to Myles write a phrase for me, and I told him I would do a tattoo with that phrase , then during a song, on the stage, he asked me if I had done the tattoo , I felt one more realized person in the world , in that moment I wasn’t just another fan in the crowd ..

MKW - Give us your favorite "Myles Kennedy" lyric or quote (one liner).
Kelly - “Only the strong survive” from White Knuckles

MKW -  Send a message to the other fans.
Kelly - I'm so proud to say that I have an idol as Myles, one fantastic person, humble and always kind to your fans, I’m also very happy to be part of this family of fans, Myles, as Slash and Alter Brigde, because I’ve met many amazing people.

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