The meaning behind ‘Beneath the Savage Sun’ - Interview

The meaning behind Slash’s new song ‘Beneath the Savage Sun’ might surprise you

Few people have been lucky enough to have an up-close-and-personal experience with an elephant, but for those who have, it is a life-changing experience. Despite their massive size (weighing up to seven tons, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare – IFAW), elephants are one of the most emotionally sensitive, intelligent, gentle animals on the planet. They have sophisticated family structures, are loyal and can experience emotions like joy, love and even grief for a lost loved one, which is the message behind Slash and Myles Kennedy’s new song Beneath the Savage Sun. A song about the emotional devastation of an elephant who lost a loved one to poachers, something world’s remaining elephants are experiencing on an all-to regular basis.

We talked to Slash and Myles about how they got involved with elephant preservation, the inspiration behind their new song and what they hope to achieve through this work.

What experience or information inspired you to advocate for elephants?
Slash: I’ve been an animal buff for as long as I can remember, so I’ve always been aware of what elephants and many other species are going through. But we went to Africa not too long ago and being in that environment, for me personally, showed a really stark reality about how horrible the situation is. There’s this juxtaposition between how beautiful the elephants are and the whole environment and, just seeing them in their natural space versus this other violent, inhumane, cruel kind of network. And it really opens your eyes in that moment about it. It’s really horrible when you look at it from an elephant’s emotional point of view because you start to understand how intelligent and emotionally sensitive they are, and how the families work. And you start to really imagine how anybody in that kind of situation, how a human being would feel.

How did you end up writing the song Beneath the Savage Sun?
Myles: When a song musically is being put together there are these working titles, and the working title for this one was Elephantosaurus and I remember hearing it and it sounding sort of like an elephant moving. And for me, when we did that African trip, I met someone there who educated my wife and I about what was going on with both elephants and rhinos, and it really stuck with me and it was really heavy. So that was the genesis of it for me lyrically. The story is basically about an elephant who loses a family member or a child and how that affects the elephant and the internal dialogue.
Slash: Yeah, and I’ve known IFAW for a long time, and it’s not just elephants, they do all sorts of different things for tigers and rhinos and so when we had the song, the idea of doing a video for that, I called them because I knew that they would be perfect to collaborate with. So now there’s a way to donate to IFAW because the proceeds from every download go to them.

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