Myles Kennedy Birthday Project

Hello Folks!

Every year we do something really special to celebrate Myles Kennedy´s birthday and first of all, we´d like to thank you all for the feedback and for sending such beautiful pictures, messages and videos embracing this project with so much love. Myles always check the website and appreciates all the affection from his fans. And this year of course we could not let this opportunity go unnoticed and we have decided to do something more.

"Myles Kennedy Birthday Project"

Besides being an exceptional musician, Myles is a wonderful human being with huge passion for animals.  He is always engaging in causes to save species, helping as he can, even with his busy schedule.   So this year, in addition to honoring the professional, we´ll follow his example and support NGOs and institutions that help abandoned dogs and cats. We will highlight when Myles Kennedy World supports these NGOs and institutions.

To join the project is very easy.  Simply give a like on the pages below.

To all who want to help, please share and spread the word about these wonderful efforts. It´s our duty as human beings to help those who can´t ask for help. It does not cost you anything.

But of course we´re also preparing something special for Myles´ B-day that we will send directly to him. Do you want be part of it?

It´s really easy! You can send:

  • A birthday message and a photo.
  • A "photo message".
  •  Or a video up to 30 seconds.
*Don't forget to put your name and country
*If you have a pet, please send us a picture of you with your pet and the message for Myles.

Send to our e-mail: contact@myleskennedyworld.com or via inbox on our Facebook page

Don´t waste time, send your birthday message for Myles NOW!

The deadline is [November 20th] [November 23th] [November 25th]Don´t miss this date!!!


  • Examples (From MK B-day Project from last year)

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