“The Witch” Advanced Screening with Slash

“The Witch” Advanced Screening with Slash

On Saturday evening February 13, 2016, in the Press Junkets and Screening Room at the famed London Hotel in Hollywood, 50 very grateful fans and their guests were treated to an up close and personal evening with legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Slash, for an advanced screening of “The Witch”. Thank you to A24 Films for creating this incredible evening for the fans and supporting Slash’s up and coming film company Slash Fiction Films. Congratulations on your 2016 Oscar Wins, Best Documentary to Asif Akadia for “Amy” and Best Actress to Brie Larson for “The Room”!

This masterful horror flick has earned 2 Award nominations and 5 wins including The 2015 London Film Festival Sutherland Award for First Feature Competition, and The 2015 Sundance Film Festival Dramatic Directing Award, both presented to Director Robert Eggers. The film, about a family in 1630s New England torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession, drew in the viewers in hauntingly deliberate and cerebral fashion. The imagery of the haunting forest in the background and the interplay of an evolving threat hidden deep in this forest, and how it succeeded to break the barrier and safety of this family’s home was terrifying to watch! Lead actress and promising young actor Anya Taylor-Joy nailed this performance. She reeled in viewers in the opening scene and we never left!

Slash, who we all know as the consummate electrical guitar player from Guns & Roses, Velvet Revolver, and Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, and whose incredible talent and emotion embodies many of Rock&Roll’s greatest riffs, continues to evolve his brand in a very thoughtful and creative fashion. A complete Horror Movie fan, Slash has now created a film company, Slash Fiction Films, with current project “The Hell Within” in development. Slash’s firm commitment to his craft and generous engagement with a devoted fan base, offers his fans very unique opportunities to get involved and support this latest mission. Would you consider investing $50 to participate in conference call updates with Slash on the progress of the movie? Check out all the different ways to get involved. (Click here and here)

For all of us incredibly lucky and grateful fans, it was surely a Bucket List evening for the memory books! A die hard Slash fan and Twitter follower, I learned about the contest Thursday evening February 4th on my Slash Twitter feed. I entered immediately, which simply required me to follow Slash Fiction Films on Twitter, like on FB, and email my pertinent contact info. It was THAT simple! About noon Friday, I saw my name in the first 20 winners announced. I was stunned and thrilled, no pun intended! The following Saturday, I boarded a plane at JFK and traveled cross country for this incredible opportunity! I should note fans from Germany, Ohio, Michigan, and others from New York made the trek as well! Upon landing, I turned on my iPhone to fetch the confidential text message as to the location of the event. I was all set!

At the London hotel, we were first treated to popcorn and drinks in a little lounge, then entered the actual screening room where I chose a very comfortable seat in the middle of the second row. My first glimpse of this Rock&Roll legend came as he walked down the aisle from the back of the screening room and entered the lounge. Multiple people followed and some chatted with him briefly. He then came into the screening room to address all of us, as the movie was about to begin. He was both engaging and humble, and even admitted being nervous speaking to us. At the conclusion, we all lined up and each took our turn entering the lounge for a quick hello, a personal autograph, and a photo with this famous Rocker taken by a professional photographer. I just have to say, I find that to be incredibly generous! In the new digital age of music, as Artists have to find creative ways to monetize their gifts, I don’t think many would deliver such an up close and personal experience to so many, for the mere act of entering a contest. This simply speaks to Slash’s level of integrity and commitment! It’s very special and certainly an honor to interact with a person of such unique cloth! As we chatted in line, many of us made personal connections and plans around the Guns and Roses reunion concerts April 8 and 9 in Las Vegas. One gal is organizing a get together at the Hard Rock Café the evening of April 7. Brilliant, I’m in! I had already booked my flight and hotel, flying Thursday night April 7. I purchased the Signature VIP ticket for the debut performance Friday evening April 8 at 9:30PM! I will surely not be able to keep my feet on the ground until then!

As I entered the lounge, I immediately thanked Slash for this amazing experience and what an honor it was to meet him! I told him I couldn’t wait for the Vegas debut GNR reunion performance! Always humble and down to earth, he thanked me. As he autographed my poster, I told him that I also planned to bring a group when the GNR reunion tour comes to NY. He smiled and asked, “Am I going to New York?” I smiled back and said “We certainly hope so!” I then landed a lovely arm hug as the photographer took our picture. She even took the time to take a second photo as I apparently closed my eyes on the first try. I really appreciated that! It was first class all around! As I left, I looked Slash in the eye, and told him I hoped practice was going well and that he was having fun. He smiled and nodded, “Yes, it’s going well.” A larger than life Rock Star evening for the memory books, “Thank you Slash!”

Of course I can’t wait for the next album and tour with Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators! The exquisite combination of Slash’s fierce emotion on the electric guitar, combined with the dynamic and powerful vocal range of the one and only Mr. Myles Kennedy, is pure Rock&Roll joy! Add the veteran brilliance of Todd Dammit Kerns on Bass and Vocals, Mr. Brent Fitz on Drums, and the very talented emerging presence of Frank Sidoris on rhythm guitar, how could you not go wild for this performance?

Written for Myles Kennedy World by International Correspondent Cynthia Drew 

Credits: Cynthia Drew for MKW

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