Slash, Alter Bridge & Solo Artist – Myles Kennedy Fronts It All

The fans have been waiting for this. They’ve been waiting for Myles Kennedy to finish touring with Slash and for Mark Tremonti to turn his attention away from his solo band. They have been waiting for Alter Bridge.
On October 7th, the band – also featuring drummer Scott Phillips and bass player Brian Marshall – will let loose their fifth studio album, The Last Hero. Comprising of everything fans love about Alter Bridge – from on-the-edge-of-a-tornado guitars and drums to sky high vocals, roaring basslines and passionate lyrics – this could be the band’s best album to date. With each band member involved in side-projects, coming together has only made them a stronger entity, proven by new songs like “The Other Side,” “Crows On A Wire,” “My Champion,” “Cradle To The Grave” and “Show Me A Leader.”
For Kennedy, who spends as much time if not more with Slash than Alter Bridge, the wait has been almost frustrating for the AB nation. They were last together for 2013’s Fortress album and subsequent tour. But before they knew it, Kennedy was back with Slash and his Conspirators, releasing World On Fire, supporting Aerosmith on a big summer tour and headlining others. You would think that Kennedy would enjoy a break somewhere in the midst of all this but he rarely does. He may be home but he’s also writing, picking around on a guitar, sending musical ideas back and forth with his bandmates; even working on a solo record.

 Credits: Glide Magazine 

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