Alter Bridge: Myles Kennedy’s Guide To Life

Music is like oxygen to Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy. But fame, politics and religion are a different matter entirely... 

Myles Kennedy is one of the most modest rock stars you could meet. Not for the Alter Bridge singer the self-aggrandisement that usually comes with the job – the Spokane, Washington-born Kennedy has neither the ego nor the inclination to big himself up. But still waters run deep, as his guide to life proves…

I have a lifelong love affair with music. It started when I was really young. I remember being four or five years old and seeing Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street, and – bang – that was the beginning for me. Music is oxygen. I can’t even fathom a world without it, it’s definitely the most important element in my life, besides family of course. How long can I go without listening to music, or playing it, or even thinking about it? Maybe five hours [laughs]

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 Credits: Team Rock

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