Myles Kennedy: The Mission Of My New Foundation — Future Song

" I still have a vivid recollection of the night I was informed by my mom that she wanted me to sign up for the elementary school band. I had just started the 5th grade, and all I was interested in at the time was soccer and girls. I have to admit the idea of playing an instrument was not on my radar at the time, but fortunately, my mother forced the issue. I recall her saying, “Myles, when I was growing up, I didn’t have the opportunity to play an instrument, but this is something I want you to have.” So the next day, I picked out an entry-level trumpet at the elementary school where the local music store was displaying an assortment of instruments for aspiring young musicians. I’m assuming it was a financial stretch for my family at the time, but my mom made it happen nonetheless.
The profound influence music and the arts can have on a young person’s life is undeniable. Building self-esteem and nurturing problem solving skills are just a few of the benefits of learning an instrument. Not to mention, it can establish a sense of purpose and identity that so many young people are struggling to find. By giving me the opportunity to discover this truth, my mother gave me what could be the most important gift I will ever know. Future Song is my attempt to be a part of something that pays that favor forward.
Over a year ago, my wife and I joined forces with three friends who shared the same vision for a starting a non-profit organization that would help to ensure kids have access to musical instruction and instruments in our community. Our goal is to fund music education projects in the Spokane area with fundraising events, corporate sponsorships and private and governmental grants. "

~Myles Kennedy

Credits: Artist Waves
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