• The Mayfield Four

Single: "Sick and Wrong" - Album: "Second Skin"

  • Alter Bridge 

Single: "Open Your Eyes" - Album: "One Day Remains"
Released: June 2004

Single: "Broken Wings"  - Album: "One Day Remains"
Released: 2005

Single: "Rise Today" - Album: "Blackbird
Released: July 30, 2007

Single: "Ties That Bind"- Album: "Blackbird"
Released: January 21, 2008 (UK)

Single: "Watch Over You"- Album: "Blackbird"
Released: January 14, 2008

Single: "Isolation" - Album: "AB III"
Released: September 26, 2010

Single: "Addicted To Pain" - Album: "Fortress"
Released: September 05, 2013

Single: "Cry of Achilles" - Album: "Fortress"
Released: July, 2014

  • Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

Single - "You're a Lie" - Album: "Apocalyptic Love"
Released: February 28, 2012

Single: "Bad Rain" - Album: "Apocalyptic Love"
Released: September 26, 2012

Single: "World on Fire" - Album: "World On Fire"
Released: June 17, 2014

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